A Commentary, Right Back at You, Stephen A., Still Ferguson…


Leonid Bershidsky’s recent article in the Pressof Atlantic City provides a concise history about why the police here in the U.S. and in other European countries have adapted a para-mulitary stance in their policing tactics. This tactic, adopted un response to border patrol, terrorism and riots have spilled over into extended use versus their civilian populations, where those tactic were never intended to be used. He notes further that better policing comes from friendlier interactions with the community and by avoiding giving the impression that the police are citizens’ adversaries. A commentary that is timely and well done.

Right Back at You, Stephen A.

I was going about my morning chores when your (and Skip’s) discussion, again centered on the Washington NFL team and its current nickname. Your guest, Chris Cooley stated that he “took a survey” (my interpretation) of a few Amerind tribes in Washington State and they had no objection to the use of the slur. He then concluded that the slur, with its history, records, myriad African American players and net worth was more important than ridding the world of the use of the slur. Cooley went on to talk about all the good things and money that Daniel Snyder has poured into “good” Native American causes, which I see, as in the past, as the plantation owner feeding and somewhat clothing his slaves, and still seeing them as less than human and calling them “n****r, whenever he pleased. Cooley mentioned the Black players who starred on that team and others who received accolades based on their exploits. Like, it’s okay for Jesse Owens to win all those Olympic medals or Joe Louis to knock out Max Schmeling but they were still called n****rs. Just like Larry Doby and Jackie Robinson, or Tank Younger or Mel Triplett garnered all those records and recognition, back in the day, they were called n****rs. Willie Mays and Hank Aaron who have lots of records were a\called “n****rs…..They will never lose those records, their legacy will always be there, but we made them stop calling them and us, “n****rs…

But this is the 21st century and we are supposed to be enlightened and intolerant about such things as slurring. If Mr. Cooley was really open, rather than looking for a few Amerinds who might care less, based on their particular circumstance, about the nickname, he would look at the millions who object to its use.

By the way, Stephen A., you need to stop saying you do not know that much about the origins of the name. Do some research, and even if that does not convince you that the name is a slur, error on the side of of those who say it injures them. Last but not least, you also say, “I’m not Native American!” To that, I say, we have the same skin tone (some even say you look like a younger me, chin, nose, glasses etc. but I was better looking (smile)), so you may be Native American. You do say that your forbearers were from the West Indies…. Who do you think was there when Columbus came ashore? Your skin tone says it all….. maybe you’ll go to Ancestry.com or do a DNA test and if it comes back with 15% or more, “unknown”, you just might be…..you ain’t that color because you all “Black”!

Just like you reluctantly responded to the “ice bucket challenge”, respond to this; stop using the slur because we say it offends… not because you have not been convinced it offends. If you are told something you are doing hurts someone, would you not empathize and apologize? Would you say, you’re not hurt and do it again? I think not, in fact I think you would go out of your way to avoid repeating the offense. That is, if you are as nice a person I think you are….. You should be a beacon of understanding on this issue, so get off the sidelines…..By the way, supposed the name was, say, “White Bitches” would you have to be convinced that the name is inappropriate. Black folks, today, do not want to be referred to as “n****r, or even “Negro” so we do not want to be called “R*****ns!!!

Still Ferguson…

Well the propaganda has continued…a prime witness, Dorian Johnson was arrested and charged with lying to the police and petty theft in 2011.  Not convicted, just charged!!! That disqualifies him as an eyewitness in the murder of Michael Brown? That is ridiculous…. who hasn’t lied in life and become a model citizen? And what the heck does a CHARGE (not a conviction) three years ago got to do with what he saw and experienced this month?

Another witness has surfaced and fairly corroborates what the other witness saw and heard. Now we have at least three others, aside from Mr. Johnson, who have come forward.

We have all this disparagement disseminated about a witness to cloud the investigation.. but, Officer Wilson, “oh, he’s a nice guy”. Yeah, but a killer!

Moving on….

I have a saying on my blog, “Politics, pay attention to it or you may get representation you may not want….”

I am appalled at the reported number of Black folks who voted in the last election in Ferguson; especially when, it has been reported that a Black candidate ran for the State’s Attorney office and lost. In fact, with the Black population of over 65%, the current State Attorney has been elected numerous times, maybe four times??? Now you want him replaced by the Governor when you have many chances to do so, yourselves!                       You knew his background, his connections, his lack of understanding of awareness and fairness to the black community, but you sat on your asses and let him win. Just like your mayor and chief of police. Now you want to bitch about where you find yourselves!!

You black folks complain about maltreatment, killing and beatings, by the Ferguson police force, unwarranted traffic stops and tickets, lack of diversity, no person of color on the school board, etc.

If the local prosecutor had any guts, he would not have passed the buck to a grand jury; he would indicted Officer Wilson and not spirited him away to a “safe” place. He would have placed him in jail; that’s a safe place, isn’t it??!!

Did it take the murder of Mike Brown for you people to wake up?? All I can say is, I’m sorry Mike, you had to die to get to this point. Maybe a new breed will continue to agitate and make positive changes, I hope……….

Enough said, I’m out!!!




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Politics determine your future, take the time to have a say in it. For me, politics is seriously personal Sleep on it and you may get representation you may not want! Pay attention and follow my blog, be enlightened...
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