James Wright Foley and Other Innocents & More Ferguson, Another One Bites the Pavement

James Wright Foley

My heart goes out to the family of James Wright Foley, the American reporter who was captured and held by militants for over two years in Iraq/ Syria and who was finally murdered by the beasts who call themselves followers of Allah. It has been reported that these inhuman beings hold other hostages and indicate that they will kill them if the Unites States continues to bomb ISIL. Let’s pray that our strategy of bombing these imbiciles into eternity before they can slaughter more people.

My deepest sympathies and condolences are herewith conveyed. He is truly an American hero who gave his life trying to bring the world the truth about the worldwide danger these people present. May He Rest in Peace. God bless his soul, and his family, especially; and these United States of America.

Back to Ferguson

The recent news out of Ferguson MO, tells the story of another young black man who was gunned down by the police in that city. As I understand, it, a young black man with mental issues, 25 years of age, brandished a knife and approached the officers, who again “FEARED FOR THEIR LIVES” , then shot the man multiple times and murdered him.

Yet, I see the people of Ferguson accept this murder and go on marching and protesting over the loss of Michael Brown. Even the politicans who are all over the TV and other media news sources, have ignored that loss. I’m not saying that Mr. Brown’s demise should be ignored but that, likewise, they should be just as upset over the loss of Kajieme Powell. Police say the man was acting erratically screaming “Shoot me, kill me.” So they did!                  I am sitting here with my mouth, agape…..”How the freak could this happen?” The details are rather sketchy, as is all information about black men being killed in Ferguson and St Louis County. But I guess, to all you protesters, it’s okay!

Well, it’s not. With all that manpower around, all those bullet proof shields and batons, they could not figure out how to disarm or at the very least, talk him out of being disruptive. Or offer to call his doctor or get him his meds.

We seem to find a way to tranquilize an unruly or uncooperative animal but we shoot and kill human beings….and it’s okay?

I keep saying all police officers need to be mentally retrained. Train them mentally to understand how to deal with people who may have issues. Too many times, they claim to stop people from being a danger to themselves and end up killing or as recently shown, beating the crap out of the person who needed to be “saved”!

Just because a police officer is authorized to carry a deadly weapon, it does not seem to me that, that reliance must be the first option.

A civilian, when in a physical encounter, must use judgment to limit the response to a threat; no more than what is required to mitigate the risk, and no more, for, to exceed that threshold, is a crime! Why not the same for police officers? They seem to get a pass. And why is it always “multiples shots are fired”? These sharpshooters… who practice all the time? Why do they keep shooting? It’s a mental thing… they are mentally trained to KILL and they are trained to perceive black men as a danger, so they shoot to KILL them.

This phenomenon will not stop until all officers are mentally retrained to think and act otherwise. Other nations do it. Why can’t we do it; or is it still in most white people’s minds, an idea that faceless black men are expendable? It’s not good enough just to jail them. If the Federal government can give all this costly military equipment to “Podunk” city, why can’t they come up with the money to send the police back to school to be trained so they do not think murder is their first option?

Lastly, (I’m dreaming) ban guns from most of our localities. If you gun rights supporters want to shoot helpless animals and act heroic with a AK47, you should do it in the wilderness and do we have a lot of wilderness, so your thirst for blood can be satisfied!

Enough said, I’m out!!


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