The Other Side

It took them just eight days to come up with a likely innocent scenario for Officer Wilson. Boy, if I had eight days, I could conjure up some pretty good stories….but you and I know the truth.

Now, a “friend” of Officer Darren Wilson’s calls a radio station to tell his side of the story. Purely hearsay and I will not spend my time discussing the “story”. Let’s continue to look at the eyewitnesses’ testimony and the autopsy results.


And we also know that when the trial is transferred out of Ferguson to some white suburb, those white jurors are not going to accept three credible black witnesses.

I can see it now……White officer given the benefit of the doubt…We cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt that his life was not in danger…….Eyewitnesses are often wrong, especially black ones…. He showed restraint by only firing six shots…on and on…

You assholes out there rioting and burning and looting…. What you are doing is not going to garner any support for justice. You are too ignorant to understand that Capt. Johnson has an empathy for the ill-treated in Ferguson and has tried to give something back to his home town, but you fools are too stupid to accept your good fortune. You complained about the county cops pointing machine guns at you, but you prefer the National Guard!

Let me close this short discussion by saying this. Perhaps all the rioters are not from Ferguson but from out of town. If I lived in Ferguson, I’d point out every looting, firebombing idiot, I recognized. If you are embarrassing and destroying my town, I’d figure out how to destroy you. If you are not from Ferguson and went there to assist in protesting peacefully, abide by the law. If you have crime on your agenda, then first, go home and secondly consider another line of work. Either you like the prison yard and prefer the graveyard, because in due course, that is where you will end up. And I will have no sympathy for you.

But I also caution the police…. Don’t overreact to any “potential” situation, like “too many people are congregating”….or stopping and frisking without cause.

The Constitution gives our citizens the right to assemble and voice their opinions.      All MUST use judicious thinking to maintain order and peace. Good reasonable judgment is of utmost importance.

Most of all, let justice run its course; I’m going to trust the DOJ to make certain all the facts are considered.

Enough Said, I’m, out!!!

p.s. I closed my last blog mentioning the expected tests; I inadvertently referred to the tests as pathological when I meant to say, toxicological. My bad.




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