A Reader Offers Her Opinion

Who Needs Thugs???

I sat in my living room watching the events unfold in Ferguson Missouri. Ferguson is a predominately black city in America (where recently, a black teenager, (Michael Brown) was shot at least six times and murdered by a white police officer while the teen was, purportedly standing still, with his hands raised in a surrender position and facing the officer. ed.note). Many good black folk have come out and marched in protest of the actions of the Ferguson Police Department (who has shown a clear bias and support of the police officer). These good Black people have marched to show their support for the Brown family while they deal with this tragedy.

But… and there is a but, because there is a certain element within that black community that has become like crabs in a barrel; pulling others and their neighborhoods down when they should be helping – lifting them up. Thugs!

These are the unsavory elements that the community is forced to deal with. Maybe we take some things for granted, but we cannot accept that the element, an element that has no agenda but to create unrest.

That is their own personal, inexcusable issue instead of an issue for the community. Under the guise of protesting; these THUGS are opportunists and have used the occasion, others marching in protest) to steal and loot. Who steals soda, wigs, beer? THUGS that’s who. THUGS do not have self-respect or self-discipline. They are an element that provides no benefit to themselves or the communities where they live on the fringes of decent society.

We, as a people, need to stop making excuses for the failings of others. Do we really think that a THUG cares about you and your property, your life? Good people need to have their voice heard without an element which does not reflect their values.        When are we going to learn to police ourselves? The good people of Ferguson, to their credit locked arms and stood up to some of those elements.

Talking to a THUG is like ‘spitting in the wind’… most of the time it only comes back into your face. Who brings a weapon to a peaceful protest – THUGS? Who loots the business that serve the black community – THUGS?

As African Americans; we should always be aware that there is this element in our communities that may be disenfranchised and kept out of the normal means to ”life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” because of the areas in which they live. I can only surmise that the lack of an education and the paucity of jobs can contribute to the creation of individuals who want to live the THUGLIFE. Young THUGS are just that THUGS who will become OLD THUGS. They are selfish individuals who feel that their actions are the only true actions and they prey on the very communities that they live in.

I wish they, the THUGS would see beyond themselves to the greater community and think outside of their small minds and consider what is beneficial to the overall Black community, but they won’t. When they seek to disrupt and destroy what others have built, they damage the progress so many have struggle to achieve.

THUGS have talked a good lie; they creep into the lines of protesters and by their actions negatively impact the entire community. This speaks volumes about their intentions.

The Brown family doesn’t …. Ferguson doesn’t, and America does not need these slugs. Turn the tables on the THUGS; leave them on their own to continue down the path of self destruction and death. Nobody will care or miss them… they are a blight on the communities they live in. If you can’t fight them then certainly don’t excuse them or join them. THUGS SIMPLY DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU. THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT THEMSELVES. – So I ask your – WHO NEEDS THUGS?????

 by M B Green

Enough Said, I’m Out!!


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