Okayyyyy!!!!……..We Are Fools,

08 15 2014

Okayyyyy!!!!……..we are fools, according to the Ferguson Police Department and it only took five days for them to conclude that Michael Brown as a suspect in a convenience store robbery minutes before he was shot to death by one, Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson. On the day the department was FORCED to reveal the name of the murderer, they released a grainy, but discernible video of Michael Brown purportedly robbing the store. (It has been confirmed by Duane Johnson, the friend that witnessed the death of Mr. Brown, that Brown was the perpetrator).

Now I ask you, how efficient can that police department be to be unable to connect a dead young man to the purported robbery until five days later at the same time they finally release the name of the murderer? No one in the department could say, “Hey, there was a robbery and this person could be a suspect!! ”How long should it take the murderer to say, “Hey, I stopped the young man because I thought he looked like the the robber!”

Believe me if they had this clue, they would have shouted it out loud and clear…within minutes!! Not wait until five days later to throw this garbage out to the world. The police wanted to, at first, claim the encounter was result of Mr. Brown and his friend walking in the street then escalated. Now, they want the public to believe that the officer was apprehending a petty criminal.

Either way, I choose to believe that the officer tried to pull on Michael Brown from inside his SUV truck and Brown pulled away and ran. Wilson then exited his vehicle and against all rules of using his weapon, pulled it and shot Mr. Brown in the back. Having been struck by the bulllet, Brown then turned around with his hands up and was shot several more times as he FACED the police officer WITH HIS HANDS IN THE AIR to you. If a “suspect” is running away from you, he poses no threat and therefore NO force is necessary. If the “suspect“ has his hands in the air, he should be safe from harm.

Memo to Cedric Alexander…. The whole police department should be investigated and those found unworthy and racist must be SACKED!!! You are too apologetic toward what is simply an inadequate, poorly trained, insensitive, and devious police department. The Chief of Ferguson Police has to go; the Chief of the St. Louis County police has to go!

But as I watch the reports of the looting and sacking and the arson of businesses by uncultured, ignorant, idiotic, classless THUGS because that is the way they are acting, I am embarrassed and saddened. You do not express your anger at the crime by the police by looting and robbing the very businesses that provide retail services and jobs to your own community and taking away the means of livelihood for your neighbors.

If you can be identified, you should go to jail!! No bail. What you are doing is giving solace to those who contend that you are not worth being saved and educated. If you want to be a lost soul, then let it be. I “unfriend you”. Because your animalistic behavior cannot be tolerated. Capt. Johnson made an honest effort to bring calm to your town and curtail the dangerous and militaristic approach by other police forces. You embarrass him and his mission. Just like Mr. Brown and his apparent actions prior to his demise, you jerks likewise imperil the prospect of justice in the Brown murder. You will want to say the two are not related but who can adequately argue they are not? It is just another example of black worthlessness, they will say. They will use those images to denigrate and belittle the efforts of those who are trying to promote issues beneficial to the TOTAL African American community. Young black people with crime on their minds, in Ferguson need to grow up and stay home because many of you are now becoming part of the problem and less like the solution.

I have not lost the fact that you were tear-gassed, and fire bombed and had assault rifles and machine guns aimed at you. I know that your streets were taken from you but that is over with. The ball is in your court, an honest decent, fair referee has been appointed; now you must play within the rules! Stop the looting and the violence or you will be penalized. You cannot play and win the game of life if you are on the bench, disqualified!

Enough said, I’m out.

p.s. Please don’t let the pathological tests for Michael Brown for drugs and alcohol come back positive………


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