What Will It Take for America to Get the Message

I’ve figured it out. It’s not that we do not have a lot of smart people here in America, we do… We just do not have politicians who have guts to pass laws the prevent gun violence… Just like a child with the flu does not want to take his medicine, the parent (elected officials) must make the child (the public) take the medicine to cure its ills, gun violence.

And, it’s not that there are no models to learn from. There are. Look at England, (Gee, I gotta use England for an example, it works in this instance) no guns; very few deaths by gun. The police do not normally carry a sidearm and only use firepower when it is clearly warranted.

Columbine, Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, Aurora, CO, Appomattox, VA, Manchester, CT, to name a few.

Then there is the spate of African American young men who have been killed by trained officers of the law, Sean Bell, Amadou Diallo, Oscar Grant, Kimani Gray, Kendrec McDade , Timothy Russell, Ervin Jefferson, Timothy Stansbury Jr, Aaron Campbell, Steven Eugene Washington (an autistic young man), Alonzo Ashley, Wendell Allen, Ramarley, and now Michael Brown, in Ferguson, MO in the last four years.

I know some of these names are not household names since murders by police officers are often brushed aside by the media, without a firm answer to the question, “Why?”, after the event is no longer newsworthy. I urge you guys to look up these names and the circumstances by which they perished.

It seems to me, as the real answer to all the killings in America, is to eliminate guns in our society; likewise, the entire idea of teaching law enforcement personnel, the wrong tactics in protecting and serving.

Why is it okay to “armor-up” as if they are the occupational force like the “Gestapo” of Nazi Germany every time there is an incident, trying to intimidate the populace? Law enforcement likes to rail about the lack of rapport/ cooperation from the public but they fail to realize that the occupied are not going to accept this kind of behavior from those they pay to protect them. We see it all the time in response to a 911 call that essentially says there is one individual causing a potential crime. Six or seven sector cars arrive and with guns drawn, and ten to twelve police officers storm a residence. For ONE individual!! Or, some idiot decides to rob a deli; we see ten cars respond….. and most of them spend time threatening the onlookers, ordering them not to watch, take photos or badge numbers. SWAT teams arrive, war weapons cocked, gas masks, black watch caps covering their visages! Automatic weapons, jack boots, even tanks and other war wagons invade the community. They will break down doors, force people to the ground with ferocity and handcuff grandmothers, only to learn they are at the wrong address, then storm out without so much as an apology!

Someone has said; that to do the same thing over and over again, and expect a different result is the definition of an idiot!

Look at “Stop and Frisk”… no value at all except to alienate the community. Petty arrests and jail time for insignificant nearly non-criminal activity did not work; except to pad the “numbers” and lose the trust of minority communities.

The TV night news shows on August 13 revealed a shocking display of police violence in Ferguson, MO. Tear gas, rubber bullets, cops on top of armored personnel carriers, pointing .50 caliber machine guns at unarmed, non-violent protesters, and reporters, all in the name of getting the citizens to trust cops, to gain the public support. All these peace(?) officers proved tonight is that they all should look for another line of work, perhaps as dishwashers, (not to disparage that noble profession) and those so called police chiefs need to be fired! The town officials, and the mayor, if he is worth anything, needs to tell the St. Louis County cops to go home and take their tanks with them.

It is appalling that these supposed peace officers were allowed to unveil their oppressive, offensive tactics to further incite the wrath of the pubic who are rightfully upset over this murder. The public officials, town, county and state, will not admit that the tactic offensive assaults used, manning a machine gun, pointing assault rifles, shooting real and rubber bullets, throwing flaming gas canisters, dressed in combat fatigues, helmeted, and goggled, wearing hand grenade-pocket vests, strapped with multi round hand guns, arresting news reporters and handcuffing state officials are way beyond “crowd control”, especially when there are no crimes being committed.

I am insulted that none of these officials would acknowledge the awful behavior by the county police, stating that they wanted “to move forward“. You cannot move forward unless you accept the wrongdoing. Here’s the thing; we already saw it on TV, so there is no way to ignore what happened. Like forgiveness without confession, there is no acceptance of penance, without it. Perhaps they feel they do not see the need for an apology, in that case, it will happen again and again, just like killing young black men.

There need to be a full and comprehensive change in training peace officers across the nation. There is something fundamentally wrong when EVERY officer in every town, city, county, state feels that they can use deadly force without limit when they confront, yes, confront, a person who perhaps throws a rock, or brandishes a stick or is off his medication. I thought the law is, you meet force with just enough force to mitigate the threat, nothing further because then the police officer is committing the crime; in other words, shooting someone dead does not constitute, the appropriate response to a rock being hurled or to someone holding a knife.

We need to rid police of tanks, armored personnel carriers, machine guns, assault weapons, gas canisters and flame throwers. We need to train them to use their brains and not think that when we allow them to carry a gun, they are executioners. They took the job knowing that somewhere along in their career, they may be faced with criminals who are desperate not to go to jail or a person who needs medical attention, or one who does not comply with an order; does that call for deadly force?

And what about those police officers who disrespected the marchers and the news reporters, shot rubber bullets, exploded tear gas cans; they committed a crime, should they go scott free? I say no!! Fire then jail them!!

So, I say we must have a gun free society. (I’m dreaming) then, we need reprogram/ retrain our police departments so that our young Black men have a chance to grow up.

I have a grandson; he’ll be thirteen this year. He’s autistic and non-verbal, but a smart, delightful young man. He relishes computer games, puzzles and food. He’s big for his age but friendly and because of his condition, he does not respond well to sudden changes. He learns well and is getting to the point where he wants to explore on his own. I am truly fearful that even surrounded by loving people there could be a circumstance that may not be familiar and he could respond awkwardly. I cannot trust the police to respond to him without malice. I cannot trust that he can go to the corner deli by himself, or walk to school…he’s a big black kid, non-verbal….no prior interaction with police…will we lose him because they are stupid? I don’t know, but, I’ll tell you, I’m afraid for him. My daughter, his siblings, his father, his family does not, I do not want to cry over losing him…because he is young and Black…..just like all the other black men we have lost. We do not want to be told how strong we are in our hour of sorrow. We do not want donations or a fund in his honor; we want him to have a fruitful long life. So must we guard him and his societal interactions? Just so he can live? That’s not “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”!!

Every police officer needs to be RETRAINED; not tomorrow, right now!!! Please??

They are supposed to protect and serve, not shoot and kill….There are enough other racists out there who will shoot innocent black people, we do not need the police to do it, too.

I wonder what they would do if all black kids walked around in white-hooded sheets?

By the way, google former Florida A&M football player Jonathan Ferrell was shot by police in Charlotte, NC, Saturday (without headlines…..)

Read….. Pine Bluff, AR Saturday night, a 107-year-old Pine Bluff man, Monroe Isadore is dead after being shot by police.

Ezell Ford, a 25-year-old black man described by his family as having “mental problems,” was shot and killed by a Los Angeles, California police officer Monday evening, barely 48 hours after an unarmed black man in Missouri suffered the same fate…..

Oh, don’t be shocked…a black person is shot by the police, every twenty-eight hours in America……you can look it up…..

And I haven’t even talked about the Trayvons and the Jordan Davises and Reneishas…..

…..KWBB (Killed While Being Black)……

Enough said, I’m out!!


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