I Have Some Questions 08 10 2014

I Have Some Questions 08 10 2014

What the heck (you know the adjective I really want to use) do you want Obama to do? First, the politicians say “End the war in Iraq and Afghanistan”, so he brings the troops home; now they say “Send troops to Iraq, ISIS is a threat to our nation’s safety.” The President reacts to the foment in Iraq on a humanitarian basis by approving a limited role for our military through authorization of the use of drones and fighter jets with bombs to keep Iraqi refugees who have been forced onto a mountaintop without food water, safe.

This strategy will not stop ISIS; a bomb here, a drone strike there, after all, they have the best of our weaponry and they can be patient, waiting for the United States to again, tire of war. I do not know whether this pinprick strategy will get ISIS’s attention. We need to have eyes on the ground in Iraq so that our airpower can systematically destroy ISIS, to the point that it can never again be a threat to peace. So I keep asking the question, what do you want our President to do? The republicans do not care… their only mission is to destroy this presidency, no matter the cost, be it, the destruction of these United States or something less sinister.

Where the hell is Cory Booker?

Well, he’s co-sponsoring a bill called the REDEEM Act with rand paul that will re-evaluate drug sentencing guidelines, make it easier for juveniles who commit nonviolent crimes to expunge or seal those convictions from their records, lift the federal ban on food stamps and welfare benefits for low-level drug offenders, offer incentives to states that currently try juveniles as adults to encourage them to raise the age to 18, and ban solitary confinement for children, except in the most dangerous cases. Not enough, Cory… we need to restore full citizenship to all that have paid their debt to society. Those who have received a pardon, likewise, should be given their rights.

The bill has a good chance to gain traction in the Senate. Cory, give use more, be more conspicuous nationally……and keep an eye on ran(ci)d paul…..his track record of ignorance about the minority community and his disingenuous application of facts about our past present and future leave him suspect regarding his real motive, so don’t get in bed with this guy yet…. Remember he has never walked back his comments about the Civil Rights Act when he stated he had concerns about whether a person operating a public business is compelled to serve all people.

Then there is his recent disappearance, when the possibility arose that he might have to respond to a young lady’s, a “Dreamer”, question about her chances of becoming a citizen, since she was not born here but was brought here by her parents as young child. His disappearing act was caught on camera and made a big statement about his commitment to courage and justice.

We’ll watch you as you watch him.

Two more “murder by cop” occurrences

Unarmed Black Teenager Shot & Killed By Cop in St. Louis, MO – Multiple witnesses claim a Missouri police officer shot and killed Mike Brown, unarmed 18-year-old, in Ferguson, Missouri, which is part of St. Louis County. While the officer has been place on administrative leave, the community is in an uproar over the incident. The shooting reportedly occurred on Saturday, August 9 near the Canfield Green Apartments.

– See more at: http://hiphopwired.com/2014/08/10/unarmed-black-teenager-shot-killed-cop-st-louis-video/#sthash.rB92V1fH.dpuf

Witnesses tell News 4 (in St Louis) that Mike Brown, 18, was unarmed and had his hands in the air when he was shot multiple times by a Ferguson police officer. Police have not confirmed those claims and have not released any details of the incident other than an officer was involved and that he has been placed on administrative leave. Dorian Johnson tells News 4 he was walking with Brown when the officer confronted them and drew his weapon. “He (the officer) shot again and once my friend felt that shot, he turned around and put his hands in the air,” said Dorian Johnson, a friend Brown’s. “He started to get down and the officer still approached with his weapon drawn and fired several more shots.” St. Louis County NAACP President Esther Haywood told News 4 that Brown was shot once by the officer and then an additional nine times as he lay in the street. Police have not confirmed that account. “He was a good kid. He didn’t live around here,” said Desuirea Harris, grandmother of the victim. “He came to visit me and they did that to him for no reason.”

San Mateo County Sheriff’s Deputy Kills 18-Year-Old in Half Moon Bay

An 18-year-old special needs woman was killed after a confrontation with San Mateo County, CA sheriff’s deputies that escalated into an officer-involved shooting.

Deputy Rebecca Rosenblatt (police spokesperson) said deputies responded to the Moonridge Housing Complex, at Miramontes Point Road near Highway 1 by Half Moon Bay, about 9:20 p.m. Tuesday.

The initial report indicated that there was a violent female subject who was thought to be armed.

The police report that there was a confrontation with the woman, and the deputy discharged his weapon because he feared for his life after she lunged at him with a knife. The San Mateo Sheriff’s Department has identified the deputy as Menh Trieu. However, the woman’s brother, Lorenzo Serrano, said that his sister has special needs and may have been off her medication. He identified his sister as Yanira Serrano. Serrano said that his family called the medical dispatch when his sister refused to take her medication. “But instead they decided to send a deputy to the house,” he said.

No deputies were injured as a result of this incident and the investigation is being handled jointly between the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office and the San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office. 

All that physical training, lifting weights, wrestling, sparring and martial arts, four and five strong; with a baton, their donut-bred weight, handcuffs, I see the only thing they are good at, is deciding that their life is in danger and that their sharpshooting skills are not sufficient for just one of them to shoot their assailant in the foot or shoulder, or even a warning shot while they take a few steps back, or use some college educated common sense to retreat so that the “assailant” poses no threat or figure out maybe they shouldn’t arrest someone over a few cigarettes in their pocket (which almost as bad a cocaine!!)? I say give them lassos and let them practice roping their threats…..

 At least 1195 people have been killed by U.S. police since May 1, 2013. .. Why???


Ramsey Orta, the man who filmed Eric Garner’s choke-hold death with his phone in New York City was arrested on weapons charges.

Reportedly, Orta, 22, and a 17-year-old female were spotted on Saturday outside a known drug location on Staten Island by narcotics officers who saw Orta put a handgun in his companion’s waistband, the New York Police Department said.

Orta, who has a previous criminal conviction, faces two charges of criminal possession of a weapon. At some point during his arrest, Orta told officers, “You’re just mad because I filmed your boy,” an NYPD spokeswoman said. The comment was apparently in reference to the July 17 cellphone video shot by Orta during the arrest of Eric Garner, who was placed in a choke hold by a police officer while being detained for(allegedly) peddling illegal cigarettes. Hmmmmmmm??

Wife of Man Who Shot NYPD Chokehold Video Arrested for Assault in Staten Island. Hmmmmm???

The wife of the man who videotaped the NYPD chokehold that killed Eric Garner was arrested for assault on Wednesday. According to the Staten Island Advance, (a local newspaper in the New York City borough), Chrissie Ortiz, who is married to 22-year-old Ramsey Orta, was arrested for allegedly assaulting a woman in Staten Island. The two women had reportedly been arguing. Police say Ortiz, 30, has since been released and charged with misdemeanor assault. Hmmmmmm???

Kinda strange, huh? Please tell me if I’m too suspicious….I’m thinking SET-UP…..

Enough said, I’m out!


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