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Bring Back the Draft

I admit I’m an old fashioned guy who is desperately trying to keep up with this new fast paced technological environment. But one aspects of the advancement is that of minority life in impoverished, less than middle class neighborhoods and the amount of crime is most frustrating.

When I think back before 1986, when men from ages 18 to 25 faced the possibility of the draft, I do not remember as many black and brown men in the penitentiary. When I look at the cost of incarcerating these men; from the arrest to the court system, to the housing, feeding and rehabilitating these men, that cost clearly outpaces the cost of a four year tour of duty.

Not only would conscription get these young men off the street, it would teach them discipline, a life structure, organizational skills, an occupation, and provide an opportunity for further education and travel; lastly it would allow them to avoid the temptation to get involved in criminal activities….it would expose them a means to a decent life once they are discharged. Those that choose to entertain the opportunity to commit a crime while in the military or after discharge, would end up in prison anyway.

We would save a lot of the money that we spend on inmates and it would make us a stronger nation militarily. I think any parent would be proud of their son in service uniform rather than a in a prison uniform. And since every male would be subject to the draft, either before or after college, it would be applied indiscriminately by a Federal review board.

Think about it…….

Israel and Hamas

Folks have asked me to comment on the war. I was hoping that a truce could be reached and an investigation of Israel’s rules of engagement would determine whether Israel used judicious caution when it responded to rocket fire from Hamas. Note that I did not say Palestine or Gaza. That is because I feel the residents who are not a part of Hamas, just want peace and safety.

Having said that, as I have stated before, Israel has a right to protect itself from harm. Those who question the loss of civilian life in Gaza and other places in Palestine, I think, must use some common sense. The loss of life is regrettable, and I bemoan the loss. But I also know that to fully blame Israel, is dead wrong.

Here’s my take on it. I’ve used this example before and I need you to speak up and tell me where I’m wrong.

Say you have a neighbor who lives across the street from you. You two do not get along for whatever reason. You had this disagreement over a parking space.

One evening he decides to throw rocks at your house. You have a fence so most do not hit your house. You yell to him to stop throwing rocks. He throw more rocks and some hit your house causing some light damage. You warn him, “If you continue to throw rocks, I will throw back. He ignores the warning and hurls more rocks. You throw rocks at his house. Now he brings out his children, his grandparents, his mother and father, uncles and other and relatives and stands behind them and throws rocks while yelling “Do not hurt my relatives!!” You say, “I will not throw rocks if you will stop.”

He throws rocks from behind them, even from behind his car (substitute school, hospital, temple)

Now you throw bigger rocks and try and miss the family, but you injure some relatives and cars. He yells “You are hurting my people!!

You say “Do not throw rocks!!” He ignores you and continues to hurl.

End of this little analogy…..

If the neighbor’s family and possessions get damaged so be it, the fault is on the neighbor!!!                     I say, Israel, destroy Hamas!!! Stop them from throwing rocks!!!

How can I be against another war in Iraq and encourage the destruction of ISIL in Iraq?

We used to be a nation that would not tolerate injustice in the world. But we have become a nation that will tolerate injustice within our own borders (see the mongrels at the Mexican border, murders authorized by the NRA or the republicans bent on destroying the middle class). We used to be a nation of people that reached out our hands to each other when someone else needed a hand, from helping your neighbor erect a roof over his head, to providing food to a hungry person. We did this when we all were comfortable with the idea that each had an opportunity see our children do better than we were doing. Doing better always has been a struggle for the middle class and the poor. But there was a chance, simply because there was not so many greedy, selfish, well-off people at the top. Now, the well-off are not willing to provide opportunities for a better life for dreamers or share their wealth. This has resulted in the masses refusing to share whatever they have or help their fellow man.

So, when America claims to be the premiere military force in the world, it seems to me to be a hollow statement when America refuses to strike back when faced with a challenge. Somewhat like a boxing champion who claims that he is beyond defeat but refuses to get in the ring with any challenger, no matter how puny. Does a person join the our military to polish cars, planes, guns and practice war or do they understand that by enlisting there is a possibility that they will go into battle and die? It’s somewhat like the bad gunslinger in the old west that terrorizes a town until some cowboy who is a pacifist decides enough is enough and challenges the bad guy while the timid townspeople cringe. Or am I lost in a movie script, and in this day and age, that does not happen anymore. It seems that not only does that fortitude not happen here, it no longer happens in Britain, Germany, France or Canada; or India for that matter… or the United Nations Forces.

So Obama, for whatever reason, always makes a definitive statement and boxes himself into a corner.

Here’s the big question; does America, the big baseball slugger, bunt the guy on first (the Iraqi Army) to second so that the team (Iraq) could possibly knock in the potential run and win the game? I seems to me America wants to bunt. But I say, let’s be aggressive, maybe we only try to bunt strikes and are willing to take a walk. Confused? Well, all I’m saying is that I think we should “take the walk” if it’s there. We should hit away” and deal ISIS a decisive blow, not just select a cannon here, a moving column there; we have to (since we have chosen to bomb ISIS), bomb them to hell and get rid of them! There’s a possibility that some of our planes could be lost but isn’t that the chance we take by deciding to challenge ISIS? If we are going to do it, do it all out…we seem to be bent on tap dancing and jabbing instead of going for the knockout. Let’s knock ‘em out!

Am I wrong??




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