Stephen A.

Stephen A. Smith

I wrote the other day that Roger Goodell essentially dropped the ball when he, as Commissioner of the NFL, suspended Ray Rice for two games because of the altercation with his, now wife, Janay, in an Atlantic City hotel elevator.

There is no reason ever to strike a woman in a confrontation, verbal or physical, drunk or sober. My policy is to walk away or if that strategy is not available, then, as the bigger, stronger person, hold her as tight as you can only sufficiently to control and minimize her aggression, if physical. Verbal assault can be frustrating, but must be tolerated until there is an escape route.

That being said, I am going to give Stephen A. a pass. He repeatedly said and continued to say, it is wrong to abuse a woman. Let’s be clear…. he was inarticulate in addressing, “provocation”. I think what he was trying to say is, sometimes a woman may be the aggressor. Her actions in no way should be construed as a reason for a physical response; and by the way, a man is likely to lose in a verbal confrontation too! He was simply saying, women do not have free rein to abuse a man. A man has to take the abuse, but she does not have to provide it.

Stephen A. prefaced his comments by stating his stance on physical abuse and then drifted into his riff. If I may…it was somewhat comparable to romney’s statement about the “47%”; only romney never said anything prior to mitigate his statement. Stephen A. did.

I have a feeling that Goodell took into account, Janay’s participation in the incident (whatever it was, we simply do not know) but he should not have.

Stephen A. tried to clarify his remarks then apologize, but to his superiors, that was not good enough. Stephen A., I know what you were trying to say, so from me, a pass…..See you in a week.

Enough said, I’m out!



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