Random Thoughts on a Rainy Dull Morning

The NFL, Ray Rice and a Child’s Picture

The NFL, by virtue of the number of roster spots, is the largest employer of Black men in sports.

Roger Goodell is the Commissioner of a sports league that is growing in popularity and revenue. The owners have elected man to that exalted post and given him authority to oversee the operation of that league, including decisions regarding owner’s decorum and more importantly, the adherence to policies and guidelines, and rules of the game by the players. He also has control of the team personnel who are involved with each of the 32 teams. Lastly, his office hires and controls the people who officiate the games.

Seems as if he has an awful lot on his plate, and he does; but he is paid handsomely.

I do not know if there is another sport that is as popular and has as many people watching its premiere event, the Super Bowl, or any other one game than the World Cup Final in soccer (the world game is known as “football”).

The NFL’s teams contract each player to play for their team under a “collective bargaining agreement” but the Commissioner’s office has the responsibility to “rubber stamp” all contracts to insure that each contract meets the standards agreed upon by the owners and the player’s union. Subsequently, there is a question in some quarters about whether he “rules” fairly; after all he is paid by the owners!

By the way, the NFL is the only league that does not have guaranteed contracts, that is, a player can be fired for a number of reasons and the owner can abrogate the contract and not pay the player according to the terms of said contract.

I think that we all agree that the game is a brutal team sport where, so far, men use their athletic ability, strength, and agility to overcome the same attributes of their opponent. It is also a cerebral game where strategies are employed to outwit the opposition.

There many black players in the league and they are paid, in most cases, handsomely, as I have said.

So after all that, I’m back to Mr. Goodell.

I have a problem with him because of the name and inference of the Washington football club. But because he is paid by the owner, he will not compel that team to change its name, which is a clear and definitive insult to Native Americans. The foregoing is a discussion for anther day.

The league via Mr. Goodell’s aegis, chooses to fine, suspend or to dismiss player from performing. Performance enhancing drugs are dealt with swiftly and harshly, often resulting in suspension and liberal fines and public embarrassment. Players’ DUIs are similarly dealt with in the same manner. But when it comes to an owner who transgresses, the Commissioner has to “study” the situation. Jim Irsay, owner of the Indianapolis Colts was arrested for the infraction, including possession of unsubscribed drugs, yet no reprimand from the league office. Likewise, in the instance of Ray Rice, Baltimore Ravens, running back, with clear video evidence of him dragging his fiancée out of an elevator, like she was a sack of potatoes, after knocking her out COLD!!!, the punishment meted out does not come close to being fair, given the treatment of players and owners who violated the rules. I agree that we do not know all that occurred in that elevator, but I do know this; There was no need to knock her unconscious! None whatsoever!! Uuuuummmmm, maybe, threatening him with a gun? Maybe…. He could have held he, taken a whipping, but he did not have to hit her. Then to drag her in the manner shown… awful…a strong man…he could have picked her up, and added what dignity he had left to mollify the circumstance; but he did not.

Now, punishment….two games, when you get three, four, five, for mistaken substance abuse….  (even for cough syrup….Aleve)…..DUIs, drug possession), and loss of salary!!!

“Oh, he’s a nice guy. He took sensitivity lessons, he married her, etc.”

It don’t fly with me.

It just smacks that Goodell is a shill, with no guts. How is assault, less of a finable issue than PEDS or DUI? Or allowing players with concussions to continue to play, or the team trainers prescribing painkillers rather than a players personal doctor?        

It would have hurt the Ravens if Rice sat out six games but that would have been just!

Suspending Irsay for a year would have also been just, but he’s still in charge of the Indianapolis Colts. How about some sensible reasoning here, Goodell?    Why am I asking this? He’s a shill, with no guts!!!

Oh, and change the damn name!!!

 Last thing… AOL ran a story about a black child in Africa who has the most beautiful blue eyes. Gorgeous eyes, beautiful black flawless skin.

The picture brought out the most hateful comments from some idiots, accusing folks of “fawning” over this child. I would think they lived in Texas or Arizona by their responses. There is no tolerance for people like this in the world, let alone, America, The saving grace is, in twenty years, you will be isolated and alone to stew in your own bile or maybe dead. You will be the subject of a reality show about hoarders, because you will be surrounded by your own garbage if you do not change your outlook. There is beauty in every place; you just have to open your eyes to see it and not curse others because they see it. Enough of your bigotry, crawl back under your rock and hope no one sits on it!!.

Enough said, I’m out…..


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