Ukraine and Israel, then Iraq


These three countries have the world riveted to their TVs, cellphones and radios (some places in this now ever shrinking world have access to news via that medium) to keep informed about the current events in each locale.

Let’s consider Israel first. I cannot understand the goals of Hamas. And as an aside, I guess, these days, if you are fighting for “freedom”, the first thing one must do is buy a ski mask or cloth to cover your visage. I know that what I say here will never reach militants’ ears but, if your “fight” is so honorable, why do you have to hide your face or use non-combatant’s homes and stores to shoot from?

I see it this way… If I have a neighbor, say, across the street, and he decides that I have been unfair to him (I think I haven’t) , and he wants to get my attention, so he begins to throws rocks at my house. By the way I have my family in my house plus, maybe, a grandmother. My neighbor doesn’t do any damage but I tell him he does not have to throw rocks; let’s sit down and talk. He says “no” and continues to throw rocks. The rocks hit my porch but not much damage; then I warn him sternly, but he still he throws rocks. Finally, I pick up some rocks and hurl them at his porch, careful not to throw at his windows. He screams, “I have family here, you will hurt them”. The next day, the angry neighbor brings his family to the front of his house and from behind them, throws more rocks. You decide that you must take his rocks from him, but he is behind his family. You still go across the street to take his rocks and he retreats, still hurling rocks, yelling “Don’t hurt my family!!” You respond, “I will try not to hurt your family, but I will stop you from throwing those rocks!!“ Your neighbor’s family never says tot the neighbor, “You will get us hurt, stop throwing rocks!”

I’m sorry, from what I can tell, I’m going with the responder to the threat! Stop those rocks, Israel!!



Vlad Putin has an idea that he can restore the grandeur of the Russian Empire of years gone by. From Stalin to Krushchev to Brezhnev, the leaders of the people of that nation have never allowed its citizens exposure to the trappings of a European middle class, in general. So, with the emergence of their own middle class via often specious or otherwise criminal activities and a measure of capitalism, resulted in increased income, many have had limited exposure to western culture, somewhat flawed as it may be; they’ve never learned how to be a part of an advancing society. They have learned to survive through many dictatorships and communism and as such, are ill-prepared to deal with the rest of the world in a tactful manner. There is an element there, including Putin who thinks that they must survive with an iron fist and their tribal instinct is to wage war rather than use diplomacy. So therefore, in their minds, if you want something, you take it and then see whether the victim is strong enough to resist. To make certain that those tactics work, they have built an army to suppress any thought of resistance. To keep its people subjugated, they use national pride, when, actually, their nation is an amalgam of conquered peoples.

As the Soviet Union came apart, so did their goal of world domination. As a result, Russia was weakened as a world power. Putin can only see what he remembers, i.e., a dominant Soviet Union and the only way he can see himself as a recognized world leader, is to reclaim the territories and allegiances of people that were once dominated by communism.

Hence we have a Crimean situation that he counts as a success, simply because by virtue of his army, he had little opposition.

This conversation leads me back to a crudeness of Putin’s army. A more knowledgeable and compassionate army would not have ignorantly shot down a civilian airplane, then run from the scene like a toddler who has stolen cookies and not realized that the trail of crumbs would reveal the deed. Moreover, having committed the dastardly act, they chose to demonstrate their lack of worldly sophistication and then contaminated and abused the hapless victims and their loved ones by not revering the dead. Their thuggish behavior only illuminates how crass they are. (By the way, like the criminals the Russian army and their cohorts (pro –russian rebels), they choose to cover their faces, like thieves and robbers do).

What harm would it have done to let the accident inspection team onto the crash site, even though the pro-russian rebels knew they had severely erred? I am still appalled with Europe’s response. All those European countries appear to have no national pride. I am not one who is going to promote hostilities, but why do they have armies; for show? Why do they practice war games? Unless they respond to crises such as these, they are wasting their money? Collectively they must confront Russia and Putin. The U N must declare the whole of eastern Ukraine, a demilitarized zone and a cease fire; and be prepared to enforce that mandate. Have a UN supervised election by all the eligible voters in the Ukraine to determine whether they want to cede lands to the Russian people in their country or not. If it turns out that they do not want to cede the land, then, if those folks are so “Russian” let them choose Russia as a place to seek their fortunes or, co-exist in the Ukraine, and peacefully pursue their cause.

It’s not about looking for war; it’s about finding peace and tranquility for, a bully will always take and take until he is confronted.

Likewise, the republicans here at home, will not appropriate sufficient funds to build a strong military. Our President has had to pare down our military and become a “lean, mean machine” with less manpower than our potential threats, China, Russia, Iran, North Korea; all stepping to a different drumbeat, as they see the United States, and surmise that at some point we may be vulnerable. We should be so formidable, such that we would cause a nation not to guess.

I am not a hawk but I do believe that we must be more prepared than we are. I also do not believe that was must fight other nation’s wars. On the other hand, when people are taken advantage of by dictators and despots, we must be in a position to assist them toward a free existence, if they want our help.

The te’ers and republicans in Congress continue to make the rich, richer and the poor, poorer, while decimating our ability to do better, here at home and abroad. Do we have to experience another Pearl Harbor or Twin Towers incident to support our President?


It seems we, the United States (is) are caught between a rock and a hard place. I think we must support Iraq, simply because of the cruel manner in which ISIS has acted. These people are the very essence of barbarians and their only interest is to force people to worship what they, and only they call their god. They have demonstrated a lack of respect for themselves and the world. To what real purpose, except to expose themselves as trash, the worst garbage imaginable, to wantonly kill without provocation based on their interpretation of the Koran. Islam is not about killing, the Koran is about living one’s life in honor and you cannot have honor by killing and demanding that leave their homes or be killed; to threaten families with death if they do not worship in a certain way.

I say these are cowards, otherwise why would they hide their faces. If you are proud of something you would face the accolades (if they were to come), not hide like snakes in the reeds or slugs under a rock.

Again, we cannot be the policeman of the world, but no other nations are will to challenge the bully.

We must find a way diplomatically to end their thirst for blood. I am not hopeful, but, proverbially, you stop a vampire by destroying it. The world has to have the will to do it. I find other nation unwilling to do so.

Here are a lot of evil people around that good people have to contend with, some worse than others.

Look at our own borders where Americas, spew venom at innocent children, who are looking for refuge. Then I see countries like Chad and other places in Africa that accept refugees, though they have little more than the ones who come to them seeking safety and I applaud them for their charity.

Our President has a monumental task. I cannot remember a previous president who had to deal with so many hotspots. As a nation, we need to support his efforts at peace. The republicans need to get onboard andstop using international crises to demean the president because when they do they demean all of us.

Enough said, I’m out!!!










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