Racial Animus??

Racial Animus??

“No question”, was the answer, a clear indisputable truth.

Attorney Eric Holder responding to a question from an interviewer spoke volumes with his direct answer.

“There’s a certain level of vehemence, it seems to me, that’s directed at me [and] directed at the president,” Mr. Holder told ABC News. “You know, people talking about taking their country back. … There’s a certain racial component to this for some people. I don’t think this is the thing that is a main driver, but for some, there’s a racial animus.” (as reported by Cheryl Chumley of the Washington Times).

Mr. Holder in his position has to be tactful and diplomatic. It would have been “politically incorrect” to have said it in a more forceful manner. But he hit the nail on the head.

Today the republicans, knowing what the Attorney General said was absolutely correct, attempted to minimize this awful truth. What they need to do is get rid of those people. Just like they wanted Obama to go to the border, as a symbolic gesture, in this current crisis of the influx of undocumented refugees from Central America; what this nation needs is an overt, clear pronouncement by the republican party and its leadership that the party does not accept racism as part of its agenda and that no one who feels that way in his mind and heart, is welcome. But remember, actions speak louder than words; as the foregoing is a first step but the expectation is, that they will practice what they say.

We have seen too many signs and placards, too many epithets and too many comments by both the race-mongers like o’reilly, limbaugh, hannity, palin and others, and certain members of Congress, aimed at Mr. Holder and Mr. Obama, without a word of disagreement or admonishment from the republican leadership. Sometimes, no, every time a leader does not demonstrate his intolerance for unfairness and racism, and promotes lies, then, it is the member’s obligation to call that leader out; because if you do not, you too, are a liar, a racist and a purveyor of injustice and dishonesty.

Right now that is what the republican tea party represents, and none of the apologists like Michael Steele and Juan Williams will change that. If young republicans, no matter whether they, the party, provide a PR job for you or not, do not seek to change the mentality and soul of the party, you are contributing to the damage that they do to our economy, our stature in the World and to our image as the beacon when we espouse, “We are the world’s greatest Democracy!” Say something, be the righteous one.

Enough said, I’m out!!



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2 Responses to Racial Animus??

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  2. austinbright says:

    If I may offer my two cents; I don’t think this opinion piece proves anything inherently racist about the Republican Party. For starters, there are millions of Republicans throughout the country. This slanted article tries to make generalizations about the part based off of the so called racism of three news anchors. I hope people who read this can make the connection that this is simply a huge fallacy. Using the generalizations in this piece, the Democrats are just as racist- ehmmmm. Al Sharpton and Harry Reid.

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