Running for the Border

July 10 2014


I have a question and that is, how do you have a rational discussion with idiots? I really believe that Webster’s Dictionary or the Thesaurus should have a picture of a republican to define the word “idiot”!

Let me explain. The republicans spout, “We will not do anything to solve the immigration problem (ostensibly, referring to people who are here in the United States through no fault of their own; people who live, have gained an education, work and pay taxes, and speak English, and who are part of the fabric of this nation) until the Obama administration secures the border.”

The next thing they say is, “You (ICE Immigration) have processed 38,000 children at one site at the border in Texas, this year, and designated another 133,551 (FY 2013) so far, for return to their home country. Meanwhile the Obama administration has literally doubled the number of agents from about eight thousand to almost 17,000 at our southern border, and increased patrols and used planes and drones to stop the crossings, and doubled the budget. The proof that the border is patrolled is evident by the numbers. By and large, undocumented people are not getting through. But this situation is an unprecedented occurrence and the required manpower and a process to ideal with it was not predicted. Now that we have recognized the situation, it requires a response. Funds for that response can only be appropriated by Congress, and Congress, specifically, the republicans need to do their jobs and approve the funds, then pass the immigration bill that deals with clarifying the immigration process and improve the ability of ICE and the Border Patrol to do its work. Secondarily, it creates a process by which those who are here, can become citizens.

The republicans cannot rail that the President does not follow the law and then cry out that he should not process the travelers according to the law. They are hypocrites and liars as we all know!

When someone tries to rationally explain that the current immigration law requires a process that the Border Patrol and ICE are following and that the President cannot do something that is against the law. So here we are trying to make sense to idiots!

What I do not hear is, what the administration is doing to encourage Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador to close their borders and what conversations are ongoing with Mexico, who has done nothing to close their borders at both ends! Perhaps, Mexico should cede 50 miles in front of their border to the United States so we can station the Border Patrol in front of our border and stop the illegal crossings before the river.

Common decency and humanitarian assistance must be at the forefront of our response. All those fool republicans who are asking our President to break the law are all descendants of folks who came here looking for a better life, which they are now reaping the benefit.

These mothers and children did not know that they were breaking our laws, so we must process them, clean them, feed them, and keep them safe until the process is complete. That is the AMERICAN way…..

 Enough said, I’m out!!!




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Politics determine your future, take the time to have a say in it. For me, politics is seriously personal Sleep on it and you may get representation you may not want! Pay attention and follow my blog, be enlightened...
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