More Pollcrap…….

Okay, here we are again talking about a poll.

A Quinnipiac U. poll says the following, according to Chad Merda.

         “Americans say we’d be better off if Mitt Romney won in 2012!”

“President Barack Obama has beat (sic) George W. Bush in a head-to-head matchup in the “who’s the worst president since World War II” contest, according to a Quinnipiac University National Poll released Wednesday. And more Americans than not have some voter regret, say we’d be better off with Mitt Romney (ed note: the consummate liar) in the White House.

Of those surveyed, 35 percent picked Obama as the worst in nearly 70 years, while Bush finished second at 28 percent. Only 13 percent said Richard Nixon was the worst.”

“Over the span of 69 years of American history and 12 presidencies, President Barack Obama finds himself with President George W. Bush at the bottom of the popularity barrel,” said Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll.

Interestingly, Salon points out that past polls indicate that a sitting president is usually considered the worst because many people see their current circumstance and think it could be better. All of that makes sense, considering a poll showed Americans are usually oozing with negativity.

While Obama beat Romney by 4 percentage points, voters say a do-over in the 2012 election wouldn’t be a bad thing.

“Would Mitt (Romney) have been a better fit? More voters in hindsight say yes,” Malloy said.

Overall, 45 percent of voters say America would be better off if the White House went to the Republicans in 2012, compared to 38 percent who said we’d be worse off.

Let’s ask a very important question in light of what I wrote yesterday about our President’s popularity. First, how many Black and Latino folks did you ask; how many poor or out of work people did you ask; how many people who live in big cities did you ask; where do the people live that you asked? My suspicion is that did not ask many Black or Latino voters, that you did not ask a lot of poor people, who by the way, may have cell phones versus a home or house phone. Did you survey people who live in cities, who work at Walmart or Burger King, or Taco Bell or working a night job? Did you ask those who were out looking for a job or people who were just able to get health insurance?

Or did you ask “Swamp People, or Lizard Lick tow-ers or Wall Street investment guys or rich white bankers or bitter romneyites or those against women’s rights or tea party-ers, or even the investors in marijuana stores or the gun manufacturers?

Like I‘ve said before, I’ve been voting since I was eighteen, I have always a landline phone, ain’t nobody called me for a survey! And I’d like to think I was in an industry that allowed me to live in a nice mixed neighborhood at times, drive a decent car and have credit cards, but I haven’t been called.

Maybe if you called more Niequieshas and D’qianees and Jayvons and Estellas and Juans, you’d get a better idea why our President is loved so much. Because they DO NOT listen to limberrger and hanktity and cheeeseney and crudz!

There are idiots out there who do not have job, and ride around on a “hog”, haven’t had a shower in months, sell dope, drink alcohol and carry a long rifle, yet the “government” is trampling on their rights to yell epithets and use slurs. They do not realize they can exercise these actions because they have a President who respects the laws, who brought this nation from the brink of financial collapse, provided health care to millions, ended two long wars, and saved the auto and banking industries, contrary to what those bigots say. Yet, you denouncers will vote to send a person to Washington to run the country and his idea of representing you, is to state, “Congress should be judged on how many laws we repeal, rather than on how many we pass!”. Instead of working with this President, you look for a scandal where there is none. Just think of where this nation would be if you sent someone to Washington to help grow this nation by passing a jobs bill or a transportation bill, or a minimum wage bill. Read the stats on the states that raised the minimum wage. Their economies are better. Read the pollution reports on the sludge you want to go through a pipeline then wonder why your drinking water is dirty. You’d rather make the coke (ed note: my spelling) brothers richer than be able to go see a doctor when you need medical assistance!

I guess when you been living in crap for so long, it’s hard to understand what “clean” is.

Quinnipiac, do a righteous poll, if you care to, but we know how popular he really is!

Enough said, I’m out!!!




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