Our Legacy for July 4th, 2014

Legacy July 4, 2014
As I awoke this morning to celebrate this nation’s birth, my thoughts went toward those children on those buses in Texas who were blocked from proceeding to California for processing as “illegal” immigrants. Pictures of that rabid throng were flashed around the world, to its furthest reaches, to China, to North Korea, yes, even to Iraq, as those scenes made the “leader of the free world” look foolish and like liars, as we profess that we are the beacon of freedom.
I know people are going to say, those scenes do not represent “us” but yes, they do! It represents the most vicious and despicable in us, the most uncaring, the most uncharitable, the most intolerant, and the most bigoted in our midst.
“Go Home” they wrote on signs and placards, as they spouted venomous, nasty, spiteful words. So much so, that the police, who reacted with a less than vigorous attempt to quell them, could not keep the road open so that the busses could proceed. The transporters turned and found an alternate route.
This is called “preaching to the choir” but who else am I going to talk to?
Those folks, just like the Cruzes, and the Rubios and the McConnells and the Boehners and the Gohmerts that accept this kind of behavior, they forget that they are here in this great country of ours because their fore-parents came here to this land seeking a better life, a better opportunity, a better freedom for themselves and their offspring. The only people, by and large, who that refrain cannot be laid at their feet, is the African slave, who had no choice. The Amerinds who were here first, probable came from elsewhere seeking those same possibilities.
Yes, I again, think there are those who will counter with, “They (our fore-fathers and mothers) came here “legally”. Well. Maybe they did, and maybe they didn’t!
The founders, if you chose to call them that, came here and took the land for the very same reasons that parents from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras and Mexico, sent their children on such perilous journey. The founders journeyed and came here. The Central Americans sent their children into unknown and unchartered territory seeking those same things, but the profiteers of those long forgotten travels, after reaping the benefits of those endeavors, we “Americans” begrudge others the same privilege. This is the “Land of Opportunity”, isn’t it?
Vigilantes will not be tolerated. There are laws to govern how these seekers will be treated; with respect and dignity. Let the law work. And as you celebrate this holiday, think of all the folks around the world who cannot celebrate freedom and prosperity. We, all, do not have it to its fullest extent, but the best place to work toward it, is here, despite the Cruzes and Rubios, etc.
God bless America, on this day. But let all those who are here be able to say the same thing, no matter how they got here. We are bigger and better than those pictures; let’s prove to ourselves and the world. Happy Fourth!
Enough said, I’m out!!!


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Politics determine your future, take the time to have a say in it. For me, politics is seriously personal Sleep on it and you may get representation you may not want! Pay attention and follow my blog, be enlightened...
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