Obama’s Poll Numbers

Racism and prejudice is a horrible combination. Put those together with ignorance and idiocy and you have an understandable version of a perverted view of our President’s foreign policies.

Let’s review…bushie boy got us into Iraq with a monumental lie. A lot of hawkish politicians and some not so cautious law-makers bought the falsehood. We actually went over there and murdered Saddam Hussein, disbanded his military and installed a questionable democracy (another lie). Obama, per his campaign promise, ended the war in Iraq, and proceeded to withdraw our troops. Now, before the withdrawal, he asks al Maliki, the president of Iraq, if he wants us to leave a contingent behind, “just in case”? “Nah, we got this covered”, was his reply. So Obama did what he said he would do and what the American people wanted.

Meanwhile, the religious factions (sects) in that country, with a lust for blood, over thousands of years, continue to kill each other over some worthless stretch of sand and huts on the pretext that some are praying the wrong way! The odd thing is, when they come to America (Where the hell do they get the money?) and open up their Shi’a delis next to Sunni fabric shops, they get along. Why?… because here there is the potential that you will pay the price for crime. And, oh, the money and peace are rewarding.

On to Afghanistan…. as we chase down and kill al Qaeda operatives and bin Ladin, Obama winds down the longest war in our history and begins to bring our heroes home. We went to war in Afghanistan because that was where al Queda was training and recruiting operatives, a direct threat to the safety and well being of our citizens. This long engagement, involving the invasion (with the agreement of the Afghan government), and fighting the Taliban to destroy al Qaeda which was largely successful, so as time went on, we were ready to wind down that war too. Obama ordered our troops home.

Meanwhile, the civil war in Syria breaks out. Because there is no definitive or joint opposition agreement, Obama decides that we, America, cannot risk another war far from our shores and despite, understanding that President Bashar al-Assad is a tyrant and a murderer of his own people and should step down; this civil war was no direct eminent threat to the safety of our citizens, although many Syrian people are displaced or killed. So, Obama keeps our troops at home.

In Libya, our embassy is attacked and our ambassadors and three other brave patriots die at the hands al Qaeda and others. There are claims that U.S. troops should have been sent into this sovereign country to protect those brave souls. Without any definitive evidence of what was actually going on and a further understanding of how long it would take to get our military there, the President, listening to the advice of his military commanders, and waited until the dust settled. (By the way, we’ve captured and are now bringing to trial, one of the main instigators of that embassy raid). But we did not go to war over this incident. After all, we do not want another war far away from our shores.

The Crimean crisis arose and Putin boldly annexed the territory from Ukraine. The hawks and the war-mongers screamed that we should interfere and confront Russia. Obama took another road; he chose restrictions and diplomacy. The Ukrainians have to determine their own future;  and we would support their right to fight to retain their land. But Obama kept our troops home. The majority of Americans do not want war and Obama has listened. The hawks would have us in North Korea, Iran, or at every flashpoint. But we do not want war.

If that is the case, and despite the republicans in the House, refusing to fund the military, thereby calling for a reduction in our armed forces, Obama has kept the military ready, but not acting as the world’s policeman. We are weary of war.

So… how can it be that the polls say his foreign policy is in the tank and he is unpopular?? The American people don’t want war and this President has kept his pledge, yet, no credit! Why does an idiot like chee(en)sey get a platform when he and his cabal were all wrong about Iraq and Afghanistan, long ago? Why do we hear lindsey graham and john mccain, among others, beat the war drums over and over again? We do not have to thump our chests and roar……the world knows our potential war power; but diplomacy is the right tactic.

So my conclusion is, although the pollsters are saying the American people do not want war, and President Obama has kept us safe, and brought the war criminals to justice, his foreign policies are not popular… the real reason is racism, prejudice and idiocy, pure and simple.

One last thing…. Most real honest forthright people understand the name of Washington NFL football team is a racial slur, yet they keep saying “R******s” when they discuss the issue. It is a slur so STOP SAYING IT!!!

Then there is the Black deputy commissioner for the NFL who stated that the team name was not a slur! Ignorance is no excuse…. Read the history and apologize.


Enough said, I’m out!


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Politics determine your future, take the time to have a say in it. For me, politics is seriously personal Sleep on it and you may get representation you may not want! Pay attention and follow my blog, be enlightened...
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3 Responses to Obama’s Poll Numbers

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  2. Kip says:

    I agree with everything you said. I’d like to make an additional point. Another reason people don’t like Obama’s foreign policy, even though they agree with it, is that people like closure. These situations are ongoing. I know it seems counter-intuitive, but it’s human nature. Racism is still the main issue here.

  3. Thanks for your comment you are perceptive but open mindedfolk wour realize closure takestwo sides and it seems the “religious” fanatics still believe killing is an answer….its not.

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