Just Thinking….. Bergdahl, Iraq, The Penguin

Sgt. Bergdahl

The republicans are trying to make hay out of the exchange of Taliban prisoners for Sgt. Bergdahl. According to the Administration, it was too important to chance a leak of the plan. The most important issue was to get Bergdahl home. It’s done, so republicans, let’s stop acting as if you know what is on the taliban five’s mind. I know you are hoping and praying that they go back to being evil masterminds. Who knows, but I think they know they are marked men. A friend sent me two informational videos about the capabilities of drones, cameras, and magnification. One video demonstrated how the Boston Marathon bombers were identified, with full face photos, and how they were tracked by camera along their route! Let’s just move on from this. I know right-wingers and conservative do not trust anything the Obama administration says or does, but I willing to believe that the CIA and others will have an eye on these guys and they’ll be dead meat if it looks like they’re going back to the battlefield.


Iraq, Iraq…..again…..

What a disappointment to the World. This vicious offshoot of alQaeda has gathered its forces from Pakistan and Syria, linked up with Sunni Muslims in Iraq and taken major cities in Northern Iraq, where the Iraqi army deserted their posts, gave way U.S. military equipment and joined the ranks of ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) as they march on Baghdad.

The Iraqi Prime Minister would not agree to extend the stay of U.S. troops in Iraq, when President Obama announced the troop withdrawal of the U.S. military.

The world is shocked to see the Iraqi military turn tail and run the way they have. The pundits all have their slants, from “it was wrong for the bush administration to have dismantled the Iraqi army after the murder of Hussein” to the exclusion of Sunnis in the government. Surely, a difficult situation for the Obama administration, i.e., to have to clean up the mess left by cheney-bush cabal, etal. Obama’s campaign pledge to the American people was to bring our soldiers home and he did just that. He has kept us out of Syria and Libya despite the carnage over there and the sabre-rattling of the republicans.

Now, Iraq is in danger of collapsing under the onslaught of ISIS. And we have sent military “advisors” to re-establish an Iraqi army that is unwilling fight back against ISIS who has gained the support of the religious faction, the Sunnis. The Baghdad government, consisting of Shi’a, a group that has been at odds with the Sunnis for eons of centuries, has asked for air strikes by the U.S. to stem the tide of the battle. Obama is mulling this request, and has not yet acquiesced. But I have a question that no one has asked….

Where the freak, is the UN in all this mess; for that matter, where the hell is England and France and Spain and Italy and Germany and Sweden and Norway, and Canada; or India or Pakistan with their big-ass no guts armies??!! Huh??? The UN needs to get the hell out of the U.S. if they cannot quell these other countries to quell these firefights; and these other countries need to stop cowering in the faces of threats like these. They did not even have the guts to say anything to Putin when he invaded Crimea!! They are a piss-poor excuses for an “army”! They all are jokes, and an embarrassment!!! Russia could pee in their faces and all they would do is ask if they could get a cup for Russia! I’m waiting for the ISIS to invade their country to see whether they have any guts!! I can see them now, looking across the ocean to us (the U.S.) to save their asses!!

If I was Obama, I’d tell them, you are on your own! You know ISIS is not going to screw around with China or Viet Nam or Korea! Those nations do not mind killing up a few terrorists!!

We are worried about collateral damage… ISIS does not give a rat’s behind about who and how many they kill on the way to Baghdad, so to resolve the war, take them all out and leave that God forsaken piece of dirt to the survivors!!! Maybe the survivors will want to leave the 17th and 18th century behind and become civilized, instead of straddling the fence between age old religious differences (that really are of no real consequence) and today’s modernistic 21st century technology like flat screen TVS, computers, cell phones and video cameras.

I’m not saying we have a handle on our society either; after all we still have racism prejudice, disparate wealth problems, and a poor and middle class that is still struggling to survive too. But why should we as a country spend our money on people who do not want to stop killing or will stone a woman because she does not want to marry someone her family chooses? What the hell am I talking about? We let nuts get guns and shoot up schools as easy as we suck down a soda pop!! Well at least, I think, there are a few folks here who are trying to do something positive….er….I think….and they are NOT republican.

The penguin….

Did you see that exhibition on Jimmy Fallon’s show???!! The mighty fat jersey penguin rattling the stage……. He needs to practice his wobble because, soon, he will be ducking the cellmates in Leavenworth!! Maybe he and Madoff can do a shuffle on a Saturday night…..

Do you think “da mitt” is angling for a rerun in 2016?

Remember “bushie” means war!!!

I wish the newscasters would stop saying “Congress” hasn’t done anything and have an approval rating of about 14%! They need to clarify and say the republicans in the House have done nothing……those republican are actually stealing their paychecks… it’s a shame…….. Gee…issa and gohmert and rubio and cru(d)z, mccain (the forever warhawk) and boehner (the crybaby) what a group!!! Appalling …. Did I leave out mcconnell and graham???

Enough said, I’m out!!


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