Stephen A. Smith


Stephen A. Smith

I have to give kudos to Stephen A for his words today on First Take, ESPN. If you missed it, you missed a real life “teacher” moment.

I hope he counts me as a supporter of his rant when he says that we (Black folks) have to be realistic about how we think about our tonsorial appearance when we want the world (in general), to RESPECT us.

As Stephen A says, when you have your own money, you can afford, in many cases, to “do your own thing”, but when an employer has a standard of excellence in relation to its audience, they are not going to let you destroy that.

Second, he talked about the tough hard road to relative success. Realize there are no shortcuts and sometimes you have to be better than the next guy. But you learn to keep at it, and learn to improve and learn that to keep what you have achieved, you have to “maintain the brand”.

Again props to Stephen A… you got it right!

And by the way, every time somebody references a “black kid in a hoodie”, let’s not assume it congers up thoughts of Trayvon or racism….there are still a lot of kids and adults who wear hoodies  day and night, and we should not have to apologize for the reference; all due respect to Trayvon’s parents………

Enough said….


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