Not Exactly Politics, But…

Not exactly politics, but…

The NFL’s response to the 50 U.S. Senators’ letter (“The N.F.L. can no longer ignore this (atrocity) and perpetuate the use of this name (R******s) as nothing but what it is: a racial slur…”) to Roger Goodell, asking him to intercede with owner, Daniel Snyder, in changing the name of the Washington D.C. franchise, was as weak as water!

Roger, you punked out again…..We know the owners pay your salary but that answer… c’mon, man!! It was like the “benevolent” slave master who refers to his “property” as “my ni**ers”. Shame on you Roger, shame on you, Daniel Snyder! You will change name, sooner or later, you will change it!

 Another NFL owner in hot water!

Jim Irsay, owner of the NFL Indianapolis Colts was arrested for DUI. Irsay was arrested in March on suspicion of intoxicated driving and he had $29,000 in cash as well as bottles of prescription drugs in his vehicle, (with no doctor’s prescriptions) the Associated Press reported. (The suspicion is, he was going to buy prescription drugs for his habit.)

“Washington R******s potential safety Ryan Clark claimed that Goodell’s inaction (not suspending the owner, like he would a player) so far, “shows the hypocrisy of the NFL” when appeared on ESPN’s “First Take”.

When asked about Irsay on Tuesday at the owners’ meeting, Goodell said “there have been no charges” (not true) and “until we have more information and more facts we will let it play out.”

That wait-and-see response didn’t sit well with Clark, who asked “when was having enough information been what Roger Goodell waits for, to make these decisions?”

“Right now if Jim Irsay is going to represent this league and represent the Indianapolis Colts, (is) going to be on TV at the owners’ meeting trying to bring a Super Bowl to Indianapolis after what he’s done? It shows the hypocrisy of the NFL and also of Roger Goodell in the way that he deals with players and the way he deals with the people he works for,” Clark said. “And he has always said that ‘I don’t work for the owners. Well that’s not true.”

The owners select, hire and pay Goodell’s salary to the tune of $40 million, and Clark points to swift reaction to NFL players’ run-ins with law, including drug use when a player is charged, not necessarily convicted. Players are often fined and suspended, before there is a conviction. Clark wants Irsay suspended like a player would be because of a transgression. Steven A. Smith contends that Clark should not expect Goodell to suspend or fine the owner for it would be like an employee rebuking the employer.

Just like the above Washington D.C. matter, Goodell will, as always, put his pocketbook before principle. So if ballplayers want their money, they will have to accept whatever Goodell does! On the other hand, if these millionaire ballplayers want to cling to principle, they would show solidarity like the basketball millionaires, and hold some sort of boycott threat over the heads of NFL owners, but they (footballers) won’t because they want the money more.

As for Ryan Clark, I hope you make the team, and get your money but while you’re b*tching about Irsay and Goodell; you’re trying to play for Snyder and his slur team and get that last paycheck! What a tightrope act!!!

Last thing….

Mark Cuban, owner of the NBA Dallas Mavericks and a star on the TV show, “Sharks”, voiced reservations about whether to strip Donald Sterling of ownership of the LA Clipper’s after Sterling’s private but racist comments were made public. The owners are poised to vote on backing Commissioner Silver on his edict to ban Sterling from the league forever, fine him and make him sell his team. The players have indicated solidarity with a potential strike threat, if all the 29 other owners do not openly support Silver. It appears the NBA players are ready to forgo the millions to insure that there no covert attempts to void Silver’s edict. The owners are sure to vote their pocketbooks and back Silver, for nobody profits moneywise, from a strike.

But Cuban also said that everybody has biases and prejudices. Yes, that’s true but as long as those biases are covert and does not harm the brand (i.e., the NBA) he seems to say that’s okay. When he says that if he sees a black kid with a hoodie and his hands in his pockets, on a dark lonely street, (and he felt menaced), he’d cross to the other side; likewise, if he saw a white guy with facial or body and arm tattoos, a spiked hairdo and a menacing appearance, with his hand in his pockets, he’d cross too.

But that’s not racism, that’s survival.

Which brings me to a point where I’m going to upset some of my male readers (and some female too). I question the right of some young black men especially, and other ethnicities too, to assume it’s okay to wear a mass of braids or earrings. I am “old school”, so I’m not going to accept “do what they do”. Even so, there is, in my mind, no decency in wearing your pants to show one’s a** or underwear or earrings (I started to say, excessive earrings but I think, “earrings” is my thought) or an uncontrollable mass of head hair.

If you choose to do so, I don’t think you can yell “discrimination!” if you want a job outside of sports. Sports team owners protect their franchise by allowing the practices mentioned above, AND other business owners choose to have dress/ appearance codes to protect their brand; so to be considered for a specific job, one must conform. If you do not want to “conform” it’s on you; you won’t get the job! Amen!

I’m preaching now….smoking pot…. I do not think it’s acceptable, not even recreational….I don’t care if it’s legal somewhere; I know I do not want to be around you if you choose to smoke (conventional) no less, pot. If I can smell it, I’m gone… and don’t follow me!        The same with drinking (a social drink to me is, say two shots, two glasses of wine, etc. but don’t breathe in my face or on me!) Social drinking’s okay in a legal public venue, bar, restaurant, etc… If you want to imbibe to excess, then go home or indoors! Thank you very much! I hope you get home safely…..

In the next few days…..another hot topic, uuuuuummmm!!!!

Enough said, I’m out…..



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