More bundy???, Keystone, Simple Economics

Is ignorance bliss? Bliss? Happiness…like a pig in s**t!! or cow manure…?

There is nothing more ignorant than an ignorant racist, in my opinion. They close their minds to every advance in science, technology, politics, education, and so on; and they only understand violence as a solution to every untoward situation. Their minds are blind; their brains are on lockdown to everything that evidences change to their way of solitary and wayward life. They live where they live, on the fringes of decent society, because they are literally blind. They only gather with others of their ilk…and roil in their own sordid stew. And their mouths spew pure garbage.

bundy’s ignorant racist diatribe exposes his inner thoughts; that everything is the fault of other people and especially those who he deems is less of a person than he is, even as he realizes he is a thief, scoundrel, a squatter, a hate monger and traitor. I started to say “rebel” but that tag would insult those who legally and peacefully protest inequities in our society.

When the light is shone on a cockroach, he scurries into darkness, but sometimes there are those who are ignorantly defiant and take a stand only to be “Raided”!! bundy has been exposed……so…bye, bundy! Oh, by the way you republicans; you jumped to this idiots defense and now you are covered with bundystew. I’m going to watch and see how much soap (denials) they use to cleanse themselves because some of them had already started out with “bundyosis” and ran into more of it when they supported cliven! I think they got it as a strain of “romneyitis”!

The Keystone XL Pipeline

The racist rich who have invested in this project, do not care that the “dirtiest oil” ever mined, could destroy the environment in more ways than just land and rivers but also devastate the air if there was ever a breach in the pipe. The destruction is potentially worse than Exxon Valdez in Alaska or Deepwater Horizon (BP) in the Gulf of Mexico.

The lie that this oil will ease America’s dependency on oil has “fueled” the misunderstanding that America will benefit. This oil, once refined at a higher cost than conventional oil will be added to the supply available on the open world market and at prices determined by world demand.

Also the idea that the project will mean more jobs must take a backseat to the opportunity of grow jobs through road and bridge improvement and other meaningful and less dangerous national projects.

Lastly today, a combination of jobs, increase in the minimum wage, employment opportunities and Food Stamps.

If the rich want to make money, the solution is simple.

If you provide more jobs, pay livable wages, pay women equal to men, and, yes, provide food stamps you increase the economy, you increase spending power, make more sales and open the door for more profits.

Even food stamps increase sales for all food markets. From the corner deli and neighborhood markets to Walmart and Target to Grand Union, Pathway and Costco’s or Sam’s Club, these sales impact transporters of foodstuffs the wholesalers, the growers and farmers and ranchers, all who profit from the distribution of food stamps. Yet paul ryan and his cabal, stupidly and ignorantly (that word again) want to reduce the availability of the program in deference to giving millionaires a $200 thousand tax savings.

Increasing job opportunities, increasing the minimum wage and women’s wages contribute to the availability of more spending money, leading to more sales; more sales means more profits, right? Simple but when you are ignor…. (let me stop), have a lack of ability to understand the process, I guess, you have no capacity, you just won’t get it!






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