Whole Lotta Stuff Goin’ On


I’m going to talk a little bit about the Ukraine/ Putin situation, as it pertains to the foreign policy strategy that the President and his team will employ as they deals with another world crisis. Like the situations in Libya, Syria and Russia/ Ukraine, it will take an inordinate amount of diplomacy and restraint to effect a solution without using force.

The only one who seems to want war is Putin. Apparently, he feels that the Europeans do not have the resolve to stop him and that Obama will do nothing in a bellicose manner unless the Europeans show some backbone.

But here is the enigma…when the solution should be a united collaboration between the President and Congress, the republicans only response is to complain about the efforts of the Administration to find a diplomatic resolution.

Rather than being patriots and support our government’s endeavors toward a peaceful answer to Putin’s aggression, they harp and denigrate our President’s strategies to protect the integrity of Ukraine’s sovereignty.

There was a time when we, as a nation, would pull together in times like these, but the selfish, immature and hateful people who call themselves. republican or tea party prove to real Americans how shallow they really are. So be it, it comes a no surprise. It was expected. Our response must be to turn these scalawags out of office in November!

cliven, cliven…

cliven bundy will end up paying for his illegal grazing on government land. The ragged bunch of retards who call themselves “protectionists” in support of bundy’s defiance of the legal federal court order for him to pay the fees or lose his cattle, will not prevail.

If cliven and his supporters do not acquiesce, perhaps mobilizing the National Guard to disarm the bandits and collect cliven’s cattle or the fees. We do not need another Waco, or Ruby Ridge, but we also cannot tolerate anarchy… peaceful protest, yes; anarchy no.


Washington Football….

Mediocre discussion on ESPN this morning, First Take…. Stephen A Smith, Skip Bayless and Ryan Clark, the veteran football player who just signed what a lot of smart people think, is his last contract, to play for the Washington team. He may not even make the final cut; his skills have eroded, he’s old by pro football standards, but he’ll provide “veteran” leadership. All this is to say, he was in a tough position to answer questions about new team’s name, a team that may write his last million dollar paycheck. He stated that he was not sufficiently knowledgeable about the issue of the name and tried to tightrope his way through the whether he agreed that the team should change its name. I applaud him for coming on television to face a tough question with his income on the line; trying not to offend the owner, whose position is, (paraphrasing), “I’m going to preserve the legacy and tradition of the name”.

Well Ryan, if the name was the “Blackskins or the Ni***rs, would you agree to “preserve” the name? I can’t tell you to offend the owner and possibly lose that paycheck, but I can tell you (and your other minority teammates who could also lose a lot of money)….to express your true opinion; I’ll just say, “You can look it up in Webster’s Dictionary!” The owner wants to preserve the “tradition”; well, we got rid of slavery, we got rid of tobacco, we got rid of tuberculosis and polio, so we can get rid of derogatory slurs in sports. Oh, by the way, the NFL wants to outlaw the use of the word, “Ni***r”, during football games, understanding that it is offensive. Then why isn’t the same true of “Red***ns, isn’t just as offensive?

So, Ryan, don’t hide behind ignorance, just say, “I can’t answer because I need my money!” We’ll understand… we know the truth is out there!! I’ll wait until you become full time on ESPN to ask the question again.

Enough said!





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