Chistie’s Delusion, Talking Politics Now!

The heavy penguin Christie lays another egg!!
What a surprise, the fat guy’s liars say he’s innocent …”chief-ah-don-noh”! Now you have to know if you hire a liar, he has to say you’re innocent. If he says otherwise, you need a different liar to pay. By the way, he didn’t pay the liar; the citizens of New Jersey paid… a million bucks… give you some b.s.! How can you distribute a finding, say it’s complete and not say that the “investigation” did not talk to the major players in a monumental scandal, i.e., Kelly, Wildstein, Stepien, Baroni, and Samson, etal. I think I will wait on the State Assembly and the Federal prosecutors before I will say that all the facts (and blame) are out in the open.
I went to my first meeting for precinct Democrats where I live, this week. What I witnessed was a microcosm of what may be going on in Democratic precincts across this country.
It was supposed to be a monthly meeting but less than twenty people showed. The ensuing discussion centered on whether or not content on proposed website should be available to the public or restricted to members. Or whether and when there should be a fundraiser and who to invite as a speaker.
As I was new, I did not want to appear to “take over” the conversation, however I suggested membership drive. They were too busy discussing the possibility of making money, compared to such a mundane activity as enticing more people to join the group.
I do not know if other political groups function like the one I encountered but I hope they do not, after all I think our main, and dare I say only, focus has to be, to get Democrats out to vote on Election Day, assuming that we are agreed on the progressive agenda that needs to be in place if this country is going to be the one envisioned by good, caring, righteous and empathetic people who understand that civil liberties, equal and fair justice and the ability to pursue access to the opportunity to succeed in whatever endeavor one wants, is required under our constitution and not because someone is rich, hateful or is better armed.
I’ve mentioned this before but I think I need to repeat it. We need to throw away that old cliché, “we do not discuss religion or politics!” because if we do not we leave all the dialogue to the liars and cheaters, the selfish, the ignorant ones who want smaller government but do not pay their fair share of taxes and reap the benefit of your tax dollars because they are the takers in the system they created.
They are against educating the poor, feeding the poor, paying the poor, caring for the poor, sheltering the poor, and allowing the poor the right to determine their future, and if we do not call out those recalcitrants and explain to poor and middle class, about the republicans’ lack of decency and righteousness, they will rattle on and dominate the conversation with their lies; and the uninformed, the misinformed will go on not understanding that they are placing the weapons of their destruction in the hands of those who care nothing about them.
So we must talk about what is going on; we must clarion the facts; we must talk about jerry-mandering, the reduction of voting rights and hours, the need for a minimum living wage, equal pay for equal work, health care for all, including women’s’ health, preserving Social Security payments (and by the way, asking Congress to repay the money taken from Social Security and never repaid), the equalization of public education, immigration reform, meaningful gun control legislation and campaign finance reform, including doing away with corporate funding of political races. We also need a fair taxation policy like making certain that the one percent pay what they should. If we do not talk about these issues; and get folks out and vote for people who share our concerns about these issues, we will lose in November.
The republicans are counting on our silence; in fact they depend on our silence because they know if we are silent, they win! They have no programs to help you; all they have is the word, “no!”; coupled with personal insulting attacks on our President and unfounded criticism. Way back in the day, we had an old saying in the banking business (it undoubtedly still goes today). “If you can’t dazzle ‘em with brilliance, then, baffle ‘em with bulls**t!” That’s what the republican party is about today. But we are smart enough to recognize what it is, idle rhetoric. We cannot afford to let them get away with it, though!
So let’s not waste time, let’s get to talking right now; because before you know it, October will be staring us in our faces, and we will not have increased an awareness of the issues important to us and we will have not gotten Democrats out to vote and drawn true independents to our side!!!
In fact all you have to do is print this out and carry it with you as a primer.

Let’s talk politics!!! Silence, sometimes, is golden, but not in this case…..

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

What a mystery….Did not know there were so many experts. But you know, with all the illustrations, they keep showing us the big left turn but what about the turn that has them thinking “South Indian Ocean”.  And the whole darn plane goes dark? are the “pings” for real? I say look north and in the Australian dessert…they could have been asleep at the switch (radar) and missed it! Whatta mystery!! I don’t think it’s foul play by the pilots, do you?  Maybe aliens (UFO, you know that kind!!

Prayers to those on the plane and to their relatives and friends. Hope we have an answer soon. 

I’m out!!



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