Sink Sank!, The Devious Penguin is Still Out There, A Crime in Crimea?, Back to Stuff at Home….

Sink Sank!

This may be old news but I need to comment on the loss by Alex Sink, candidate for Congress from the 13th District in Florida to a tea party candidate, david jolly. Sink vied for the governorship of the state in November 2013 and barely lost to a acknowledged crook, rick scott.

There are more registered republicans in the state than Democrats; independents account for about 20% of voters. So, we needed a lot of Democrats to come out and vote. That did not happen; more republicans came out while independents leaned toward jolly. Sink based her campaign on supporting “Obamacare” and despite the Democrats spending three times as much money on advertising than the tea-partiers, the tea party message was effective; i.e., jolly would support repealing “Obamacare”.  It seems that many people who do not have medical insurance and others who happen to be seniors, not needing the Affordable Care Act, chose jolly.   I think Sink clearly lost on “Obamacare”.

The President, in my opinion, totally miscalculated the hatred of white people toward him, by accepting and promoting “Obamacare”. You cannot erase their hatred but you also, do not have to remind them that your name is stamped on the law. The Act is the law of the land but we should start calling what it is, the Affordable Care Act. We need all the help we can get, for the racists are out there. We must outwit and out vote them.  Right now, we need to mobilize our “get out to vote” machine… not in June or July, but right now!! We need to paint the tea party what it is, a detriment to growing the economic capabilities of the middle class. On all the progressive social issues, they are the party of “no”, so we need to clearly explain why immigration, health insurance, higher taxes on the rich, pollution control, gun control, equal pay for the same work for women, women’s rights, educational opportunity, good paying jobs, including higher minimum wages, job security, getting rid of “stand your ground laws, and fair application of the law, are all good for our country.

 Back in the day we were told, do not discuss politics. Well, if we do not we are signing the death warrant for progressive and liberal causes because the republicans will continue to crap in your face!.

The Devious Penguin is Still Out There

We have not yet finished investigating the escapades of one “Heavy Penguin” in New Jersey but we find ourselves involved in speculating about other international  issues of importance. But the investigation continues with the key cabal yet to come clean! There’s more like Hoboken, the distribution of Hurricane Sandy Federal Funds as palm grease, the Samsom collusion and so on The tip of the iceberg! Wow!!!

 A Crime in Crimea?

I’m not sure which one is a more interesting but I’ll start with the Russian takeover of Crimea, only because it has a potential foreboding impact on the way we will live our (for that matter, the world’s) lives going forward, simply for the Cold War has returned without any real warning.

I have not spent a lot of time getting to know Putin, but I know this; for some reason, there are Asian nations that seem to have a paranoia about their own well-being; in so far a protecting themselves against the rest of civilization. Their leaders often lead them to think that they must have more land and control over their populations in order to survive in the world. This paranoia leads to potential confrontations and raises the possibility of war.

Way back when, as a young man growing up, I was taught to respect others property and moreover, not to be a bully, not allow a bully to just take whatever he (she) wanted and to protect the less capable who could not protect themselves.       I also learned that when all the “negotiation” failed, the last resort was to confront that bully. America used to be that entity that confronted the bully, but we have grown a comfort level that we do not want to alter. We do not want any more of our men and women to be maimed or die in battle. We do not now remember the World Wars of the 20th century where millions gave their lives and bodies for freedom. There are few of those veterans left with us.

This however is a new day and age politically and militarily. Most nations have adopted a stance that reflects this new age of negotiation, primarily through the United Nations in New York and the International Court in The Hague, the Netherlands. The nations of the world have had its share of wars and more importantly, the United States (the “military leader”) of the “free” world, too, has wearied of war. We have the mightiest, most powerful Army, Navy and Air Force. China, Russia and possibly India have powerful militaries, but bring their awesome  power to  bear would mean a third world war. Russia has alliances with China and can count on North Korea to support a war effort. Putin seems not to care about the cost of war (including casualties), so therein lies a dilemma for the West, NATO and the UN. But he had other option, such as the UN or the World Court, but he chose aggression.

The West and President Obama, especially, despite the warhawks on the right, refuses to get into a shooting war, understanding the mood of the country and the consequences, so soon after Iraq and Afghanistan.

The sanctions the West intends to place on the Russian economy will smart but they are arrogant enough to believe that they can survive the isolation. It’s up to Europe to bear the brunt of sacrifice, (the loss of natural gas and coal from Russia) but this time the bully wins; in a way; Crimea is gone. Let’s hope Putin realizes that even in the 21std century, bullies will eventually get their comeuppance.

Back to Stuff at Home….

republicans still  do not have a plan to move this country forward. They continue to want to bring back the “good ole days”! They think by saying “no” to every program and law that would help the economy, create decent paying jobs and boost the middle class and the less fortunate, will win over the independent voter. In certain parts of the country and in certain states, that strategy will work. So we, who believe in the true advancement of a strong middle class, must back the progressive ideas presented by the Democrats and vote for them, despite the anti-voter laws passed by republican state legislators.

Remember also, that the president will nominate Supreme Court justices. You see what you got by sleeping and not voting. Do you really want another alito, another scalia, another roberts or even worse, another clarence?

What puzzles me is the number of people who have become greedy, selfish, exhibit a “don’t care” attitude about the direction of the country. The country is growing more diverse and inevitably, the minorities will become the majority. If we cooperate and look out for one another, we will overcome the haters and bigots. Further, the jindals, the wests, the carsons will realize that they are misguided slaves to the oligarchy led by the koch brothers. Do they really want a country that virtually economically subjugates the majority of the country? I think not, but human hatred is vicious, so vicious that when used by the republican party to denigrate OUR duly elected President, it is deleterious to the best interests poor white people too; but hatred is also blind. They, the republicans have short selective memories. All I have to say is “bushie boy”!  And those who listen to the deceiving and divisive rhetoric are fools who do not have health insurance, lack significant education, have unhealthy food diets, are willing to accept pollution of their drinking sources and do not want to live in this century.

Too bad, too bad!!! The good news is, they will be dragged into the present and find out that all the advancements will better their and their children’s lives.

rancid pa(u)l thinks he has a shot at the republican nomination in 2016 but continues to insult the intelligence of minorities, discourages movement on the immigration issue and has no idea about domestic issues such as jobs and taxes.

Racism is alive and well in the House of Representatives, evidenced by the insulting actions of one idiot named issa . Spineless bo(eh)ner would not admonish issa either, contributing to the assessment that he leads the most inept majority in the history of the  Congress! Kudos to Elijah Cummings for not knocking issa on his issa!

Lastly, in a startling and disappointing vote, seven ill-informed and wrong thinking Democrats joined Senate Republicans to block the confirmation of Debo Adegbile, a voting rights legal expert, to lead the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division.

Referring to Adegbile’s participation while working for the NAACP Legal Defense Fund in the filing of a “friend of court” legal brief — along with hundreds of other attorneys , mind you, asking that a Pennsylvania Appeals Court commute Mumia Abu-Jamal’s death sentence to life in prison. Abu-Jamal was convicted of murdering a Philadelphia police officer in 1981.

Republicans embarked on an all-out smear campaign designed to distract from Adegbile’s strong record of defending the freedom to vote, ignoring the fact that everyone (even those convicted of murder) in the American criminal justice system is entitled to the best representation through the entire appeals process. So to vilify as usual, a well-qualified attorney and deny the nation of his expertise, is atrocious. I am especially upset at the Democrats who did not do their homework and blindly cast a negative vote.

I hope that the President re-nominates him and those misguided Democrats correct their error.


Enough said!!!




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