Exclusive, Exclusive!!!

March 7, 2014 

I just received a copy of a letter, you won’t believe….Well here it is!!!!

“Office of the Governor

 State of New Jersey

 Trenton, New Jersey


Vladimir Poootin (excuse the misprint, had to fire the secretary)


Moscow, Russia

 March 3, 2014

 Dear Vlad,

I hope you’re not offended but I feel we are “brothers-in-arms” so I’m taking the liberty to address you as Vlad. You can call me CC, buddy.

 I am so happy you did what you did because it took all the heat off my a** for a while. I was really feeling the wrath of the local newspaper headlines and the liberal media for something, I knew nothing about, lane closures screwing up Fort Lee; just like you don’t know anything about Russian troops in Crimea (oops, I meant unknown russian speaking soldiers with Russian guns and tanks, I see a couple of your guys ripped off the ‘RUS’ on their shirts, but that could mean “Hessian or maybe “Panamanian or something else! Wink, wink!”, you know we got some in New Jersey) I know you don’t know how they got them uniforms but they got them when you wasn’t looking; but if anyone finds out, just fire a few people close to you and they will never guess. By the way, don’t ask too many questions, ‘cause if you don’t know, you don’t know!  (It’s working good for me).

Taking over a bridge, taking over a country, what’s the difference? You had a landslide victory just like me; you stealing money just like me but I don’t understand, a little guy like you with all them muscles… you supposed to swing your weight around, like I do… they don’t call me the “Da Heavy Penguin” for nothing.. You swimming in a ice cold lake.. I tried it but I just floated…(blubber, you know) and ripping off tuna fish heads in your mouth, that’s powerful!

And talking with Obama…that’s good too, but you can’t slouch on TV…do like me; just stand there, look sad and use the word “appalled” a lot. You get points for that too.

I don’t know what happened to the Sandy money either… (just in case somebody asks you). I know they going to try to take your Swiss bank account but you could sell Siberia to replenish it. Do that in the open ‘cause Sarah Palin can see you from her porch! You could annex Brighton Beach, Sheepshead Bay and Seagate in Brooklyn.. they speak a lot of Russian there too  but that’ll p*ss off Chuck Schumer… No, no don’t do that!!

Oh, I gotta go, there’s a Fed knocking on the door with another subpoena!! You can sneak your troops (ooops, I mean unknown soldiers) out in a week or two after I get Kelly and Wildstein to clam up. I can’t find Baroni, sh******t!!!

I admire you, you is a tough guy, man! All that MMA sh*t!!! Just don’t play no basketball with Obama, he got a baaaad set shot!!!

Remember, you can’t commit “ACRIME in CRIMEA!  Ha, ha, get it…it’s a joke… haha!”

Cool rappin’ with ya, bro! Keep up the good work… keeps me outta da press, ya know!!

P.s. This was typed on a typewriter, NSA can trace phones and text messages) and by the way if they pin something on me….send lots of burgers and chicken wings to Leavenworth (L-e-a-v-e-n…you know how to spell it) and to my five fat kids, they gotta maintain their weight, because they be fighting in school, kids be pickin’ on ‘em cause I’m in jail! Oh. how come you ain’t got no wife, girl? Little guy like you need a big fat girl, you know….you know. like me….heh, heh!

Your Pal,

CC…. (chris) “

True copy, honest!


After all these months the republicans still have no idea about creating jobs. These traitors have no clue about raising the minimum wage to a living wage. They still are trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act (fifty times, so far), think they can win elections by refusing to vote on the Immigration bill and think that making it harder to vote will get them into office. We will vote our interests, no matter what!  We must take back the House!

Any man who believes his wife, his lady friend, mother or sister shouldn’t make the same wage for the same job, is an idiot.

They are on the wrong side of every social issue facing America, only because of purposeful ignorance and pure nastiness.

Those white people who are clapping over what ted crudze says, need to realize their domination of America is over. All these racist people have no ideas about improving this country, but they think criticizing our DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT personally will help them succeed. They will be irrelevant in fifteen years; we are not going back to the fifties. bobby jindal has lost his mind.  His ridiculous comments about the President rival the grossest absurdity..  He’s so sick that if  I ever meet him, I’ll strip him of his tan!! (Yeah, I said it, dammitt! He gets my “allenwastewest” trophy!!) After this year he will be as useful as a T model Ford…Then there is rant (ru) paul who has no clue about minorities, making a feeble attempt to  “r-e-l-a-t-e”  to people of color.  Oh, and  paul ryan (stupidman) pitiful…he tells a story about a little boy who wanted his own lunch, not a school lunch but….he didn’t say that he’s against food stamps, higher wages for women and families, or a job so that that mother can buy lunch and send the child to school with it. Disingenuous, at the very least woeful and despicable! And the story has been proven a lie!! Just like a republican… (He earned four Pinocchios for that lie!) Shame on the liars, shame!

Whether it’s abortion rights, higher taxes for the rich, penalizing military rape, or reforming the banking industry, supporting consumer rights, they are dead wrong.

If you missed the expose’ on the Iraq war on MSNBC, you missed a great piece about the lies told by george wimpishbush, duck chumpney, con-dolenza wrong (my spellings) rice and even colin powell, who was duped for the most part. There are two real reasons why we went to Iraq; oil and revenge. Bush arranged to kill Saddam Hussein, his hands are dirty; besides being the worst president in decades, rivaling the addled reagan who tried to union-bust.


issa is lucky it was a peaceful man, Elijah Cummings, instead of me. The racist punk would be looking for some place to lie down from a sudden dizzy spell! The height of disrespect, but not unexpected….he’s a republican…..

Seriously folks….

Hey, Samuel L. Jackson, we know you don’t look like Lawrence Fishburn, but damn, get another tailor. you have to get to J A Bank or Men’s Warehouse…Those uniforms you are wearing in those commercials… Jeeeez!!

Enough said, I’m out!!


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Politics determine your future, take the time to have a say in it. For me, politics is seriously personal Sleep on it and you may get representation you may not want! Pay attention and follow my blog, be enlightened...
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