My Thoughts, After the Travesty


Now that one juror has spoken out concerning the hung jury decision in the Michael Dunn murder trial, it’s easy to understand why there was a hung jury. The nine to three vote says that three people were willing to take the word of a racist dreamer who imagined that he was” in danger” and “perceived”? that he was “threatened” by a boy in a hoodie who had the nerve to tell him to mind his business, instead of believing the three other victims who testified that there was no gun, no weapon; and that evidence showed; no, the video tape showed that the racist wantonly blasted them with round after round, even as their car rolled away from the fool.

Those particular jurors can tell the world that they considered the evidence but I know better because it is so simple. When you murder a young black boy, you’ve stood your ground. Ask george zimmerman. If you are not racist, you will hear the words of those young boys who survived the massacre. If you are not racist you will share the pain of parents who have lost their only son and give them some measure of solace. If you are not racist, you will insure that justice is served.

The racist has prevailed so far. I wish no ill will to any parent or child or cousin or grandparent, but I still say, without encouraging any violence or revenge that until they lose a loved one to that ridiculous and reckless law, they will not repeal it. But we know the aforementioned will not happen, because, black people cannot stand their ground or for that matter, fire a warning shot in the air when threatened, for such a perception (of being threatened) is impossible because black folks never are supposed feel that way. It’s the province of white racists.

Surely Jordan Davis’ civil rights were violated, as was the three young men who lived through the mayhem. We need the U.S. Justice Department to press this issue and add more years to dunn’s sentence; after all we have seen the remorse he has shown for his dastardly act. His jailhouse conversations say it all. It’s all over the fair-minded television channels. We also need a strong federal gun control law including one that erases “stand your ground” because the jerry-mandering republican a**holes will never admit that it is a license to kill.

Let’s hope the history books do not gloss over the tragedy and travesty of Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis.

 Let me close by saying I admire the dignity and aplomb displayed by the parents of Jordan Davis. Just like Trayvon Martin’s parents, they have shown America a strong reserved spirit in the face of these awful  miscarriages of justice.

We are strong Black people, who have faced this kind of bigotry over and over again; but still hold our heads high and that kind of courage will put to shame every senseless act by these bigots. Why; because we are bigger than that moment of false superiority.
Enough said, I’m out.



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