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February 11, 2014

Some Stuff

On a Sunday morning news talk show, the New York Senator Chuck Schumer made a statement regarding the fight in Congress over the immigration issue. The republican liars in Congress have latched on the patently false line that they cannot trust our President Obama to enforce the immigration laws and secure our southern border with Mexico. The line is, of course false since the Obama administration has sent many more people back across the border than any other president. Also, he has added billions of dollars to support the effort to keep our borders secure, as well as added more agents and other resources, as well.

But let not digress for the point I intend to respond to make, that is, Schumer’s suggestion that Congress pass a comprehensive immigration law now but, have it go into effect after Obama leaves office in 2017.

I think the comment is another concession to the republican lie; in effect, conceding that the President’s efforts regarding the border safety issue (a red herring) are insufficient and lacking, which is not true.

I ask myself, “How or why would a well-regarded Senator like Schumer suggest such a solution?”

Let me go back to questions I have raised earlier about the lack of cohesion between the President and the Democratic members of Congress. It appears to me that continually, they do not seem to be on the same page. The President is pushing for immigration resolution now, but then a Senator offers to blindside the administration and put the implementation off, as if isn’t a barb to the President.

Meanwhile the President goes off and makes pacts and agreements with the republicans or big business that borders on compromising on issues that are important to the base, then bring the issue for their approval. Wouldn’t it be better for all, to caucus BEFORE the message is disseminated so that there is a united front when the questions, and questions will come.

Prez, you are the leader, you have to take charge but ask for and pay attention to those who have a stake on governing. On every issue all of you must come to an agreement on every issue, so that we do not give fodder to the republican liars.



Michael Sam comes out……

When will we get to the point where anyone who is gay, does not feel that he/ she must make an announcement regarding their sexuality? C’mon, let’s just move on, apply for a job, get a job, do the best you can at it… you and your situation has been acknowledged and accepted. The homophobes out there should not matter. Mr. Sam, I hope is not looking for notoriety, so just go to the combine (the physical evaluation NFL process) do your best and get drafted, ….. by my hapless Jets, who haven’t had a decent pass rusher in thirty years! Your personal life should be private, you make your own friends, just you would on any other job… you do not have to hang out with the guys, you do not have to invite them home, unless you want to, your friends won’t care, your enemies won’t matter.

Sunday TV

The programming on TV over the weekend was so bad, I found myself watching “How Stella Got Her Groove Back” or something like that and (Heaven help me!!!) a rerun of “’Love & Hip Hop!” with all the ghetto b**ching and fighting, eyelash-flying, booty wagging big butts, and short dresses??, so that I do not need to wonder if there is any distance between their waistline and their hem line!!  And forty year old grown men acting like boys, talking like they never got past the third grade; and we pay a lot of money for this entertainment??? Why are we paying for TV when we are not watching it? You don’t pay for hot water unless you use it; the oven, unless you use it; the furnace, unless you use it and so on. And the nine hundred channels…..550 of them are to sell you something you really do not need….250 of them are music you can get on free radio, 50 are foreign language and maybe the others you can tolerate, unless it’s Axmen, Duck idiot Dynasty, Lizard Lick Towing, Torn Up Car Repair, car racing in a 100 foot circle, and so on. I think I watch maybe 20 different channels…Am I really getting my money’s worth for the $125 I send them? And if it goes out, call ’em and they’ll tell you to pull, punch, unplug, reconnect this or that wire or box. If nothing works, they’ll send somebody in 48 to 72 hours and charge you $75! And you’d better send in your payment of they’ll shut you off!  Then what the hell do I do?   Probably read a book or write something……radio ain’t that entertaining…or is it??? There’s just so many preachers I can listen to… I have limits…..

One last thing… Gooodell says many Amerind tribes support the use of the Washington football club’s current name, but he should have also told us the numerous number who say it’s an insult!

Enough said!!


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