Goodell and the Washington Football Club

I’m busy with issues but I could not pass up the opportunity to respond to Roger Goodell’s comment that the slur “reds**ns” is a “COMPLIMENT” to native peoples. No matter how many white people say it’s okay, it is not. As slur is a slur….just like you used to call black people, “ni**er” or call Asian people, “ch**ks” or a polish guy, “po**ocks, or Hispanics, “s**cs“ or Mexicans “wet***ks or an Italian, “gi**y”!

Goodell is supposed be an intelligent man, but by that statement, either he is a just another white guy who will say or do anything to continue to line his pockets, or a plain closet racist, or an idiot, who is insensitive to the hurt that they (sportscasters, included and those that play the game) inflict each and every time the word is uttered.

I know that he has to protect his $30 million dollar salary and the $9 billion the sport generates but to support a team (in a misguided attempt to legitimize the team’s legacy) that also induces black people who would cringe if called a “negro” and damn near want to fight the speaker, let alone, ni**er.     In fact, I’ll say it, “You are a house ni**er if you take the money”, millions as it is, and say nothing to support the movement to stop using the slur, a traitor to all those who paved the way for you, despite their lack of knowledge about the use of the slur.

Believe me, it angers me and almost all of my brethren when we hear the word. So Mr. Goodell, I’d keep my mouth shut because, if one is ignorant about an issue, I would think you would consult those who are hurt by the slur, not those who are involved in the enterprise.

Mr. Goodell, you insulted me, and my people, and you need to apologize and tell the president of the team to CHANGE THE DAMN NAME!!!!

And black people who want to root for that team, wake up……because you remain black in name only, if you accept and continue to use the words of hurt!! 


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Politics determine your future, take the time to have a say in it. For me, politics is seriously personal Sleep on it and you may get representation you may not want! Pay attention and follow my blog, be enlightened...
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