MLK, Jr. and My President

MLK, Jr. and My President

Before I as always, challenge you to think, I hope all of you reflected upon this day, a day for celebrating the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. and considered what his contributions to the struggle (more like a guerrilla war) meant for civil rights in this nation. I’m not going to try and reiterate the progress, not only he, but the NAACP, Thurgood Marshall, Roy Wilkins, A. Philip Randolph, CORE, James Farmer, SCLC, SNCC were able to accomplish. I’m just glad that I was lucky enough to be amongst those great men and organization and make my little contribution, along with young enthusiastic people like Ben Jones, John Gaynus, Leon Smith, Carolyn Bowman, The Murrays, Ken Hyde,  Dorothy Ancrum and many others as we listened to, and followed our heroes, Percy Sutton, Dave Dinkins, Basil Patterson, and Jeff Greenup who showed us how to contribute and get positive results from our efforts to support those who were on the front lines in the south fighting for civil and voting rights and against segregation. And yes folks, we were SEGREGATED,  if only by racial attitudes in some corners, even in the north!

I’m not quite sure the “baby-boomers get it, but I hope they do because all the things they feel free to do all over this country may not have come about if it were not for “the Movement”.

If you follow my comments on a regular basis, you know that I am a staunch supporter of our President.  He is, in my mind, a man we, as minorities, needed in the White House to take this nation from the brink of economic collapse, to a more secure, financial footing, while at the same time, bring the country to point of recognizing the we, citizens and those who aspire to be a part of the success of America, have the right to pursue, “life, liberty and happiness”, and stand against those who would tear away our hard earned gains.

Having said the above, I have been critical of his political “savvy” and pleaded that he be less compromising on issue that affect poor and middle class America. I understand that he has received no help from the republicans who were, like Democrats, should have been sent to Washington to help him run the country. But their hatred for the man has shown no bounds as their sole purpose has been to denigrate him, personally, and the office he was duly elected to by an overwhelming majority of voters. It has been well documented that the republicans sole purpose was defeat him and his ideals, no matter what it took and not to make this a better nation for all.

Why would he make a public comment about the dangers of marijuana? Couched in his early teenage experiences with the drug, he chose to compare marijuana to alcohol and tobacco; two products that have been proven to destroy lives; not enhance one’s ability to achieve his or her potential. There are those who were able to avoid addiction and go on to success; but there is ample evidence of those who indulged in any of the three and harder drugs, never reaching the heights expected or worse, killing themselves.   Do you think Michael or Whitney started with the drugs that killed them? Or perhaps, they began marijuana, alcohol or even tobacco? What about Etta? I’m not picking on entertainers, but you get my point. Heath Ledger, Anna Nicole Simpson, Lenny Bruce, Jimmy Hendrix, Janis Joplin, John Belushi, River Phoenix, Ike Turner…..ask Dwight Gooden or Darryl Strawberry….Maradonna, Steve Howe, Len Bias…. guys and girls that I knew…..all gone too soon.

And in some circles they say the strain of the product today is way more potent and deadly than years ago… technology has enabled those who produce it to get more of the chemicals that cause euphoria and the desire for a better high, to go on to more satisfying illegal drugs.

So my President, you did it again… given fodder to the opposition to besmirch you and your agenda. This might even take Christie out of the headlines! You need to be smarter when you open your mouth about “street” issues. I do not know who you rely on to give you the “inside scoop” but again, you need to do better. Are you going to, as they say, ”walk” these comments back, too? This may be worse than “You can keep your insurance!” 

C’mon Prez……call me sometime.  I’m not a Harvard grad, and I have made some goofs in my lifetime, but the light’s not shining on me… it’s squarely on you! Talking about marijuana is evidently not your strong suit! Life’s taught me when to shut up…..

Enuf said!!!





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