Crisp christie, toasted penguin??/ The War on Poverty

Crisp christie, toasted penguin??/ The War on Poverty

It’s getting hotter in Trenton NJ and the right wingers are really sweating up a storm, casting a wide net of excuses to explain the black ops GW Bridge scandal. From the pullout of our troops from Iraq, which the right wingers wanted, the winddown of the war in Afghanistan to the Keystone pipeline issue, all national issues, they’ve offered the wildest excuses to deflect crispy’s inaction in response to the call of many politicos and transportation mamagers and executives who questioned the bridge closure.

It’s very difficult to believe that six people, all in his inner circle would not tell him about the skulduggery that they intended to inflict as punishment on the town of Fort Lee, after all, not the easiest way to get back at a mayor of a town. How do you do that to constituents you expect to vote for you? Especially when you are the prohibitive favorite to win? A smart guy would have ignored their lack of endorsement, but what we have here, despite his denials, is a bully who is certainly that.

The more the investigation continues the more a reasonable person will understand that there was no way he was not involved, even if it was only (which I do not believe) to ignore the complaints and refuse to look into why the lanes were closed and his inaction to reopen them.

Despite his cold and icy demeanor, the penguin must feel the fire at his feet.

As the song says, “keep on pushing” but toward the full truth. He’s got a lotta  ‘splainin’ to do!

The republicans, particularly, sen rubio, looking for an issue, really missed the mark when they espouse, “poverty won the war on poverty” when all they have to mke that determination is, their version of history, afterall, the weren’t even born yet!

If they did their homework, they would have recognized all the Feferal programs that were part of the effort that benefitted many people who were vulnerable to the vagaries of poverty.

These programs were created to try and make adifference in the livesof the less fortunate:

The 1965 Social Security Act that created Medicare and Medicaid

The Food Stamp Act (SNAP)

The Economic Opportunity Act that created the Community Action Programs, , Job Corps and Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA), centerpiece of the “war on poverty” – August 20, 1964

Elementary and Secondary Education Act – April 11, 1965

The Office of Economic Opportunity was the agency responsible for administering most of the War on Poverty programs created during Johnson’s Administration, including VISTA, Job Corps, Head Start, Legal Services and the Community Action Program. (info per Wikipedia) and the Pell Grant Program

Because of the Viet Nam war, funds were taken from these programs and diverted to the war effort. When the war concluded those fund were never replaced by essentailly republican administrations, Reagan was not a proponent of these programs, quite the opposite, he fired almost eleven thousand five hundred air controllers, thereby causing to them to look for other work. republicans never replaced the funds to continue the fight, so it was not really a war, but a skirmish. But many fair-minded people recognize the positive effects of the effort. Some of these programs are still in effect and have been deemed successful.

But the republicans want to declare the effort, a waste, a failure. The failure, however is the decision not to continue the effort; and the lack of cooperation of the ultra-rich, who, loaded with trillions in cash, refused to pay fair wages, family supporting, living wages.

Yes, I agree that the federal government should not have to do all the heavy lifting; business has a responsibility too…. they should step up, since they are earning billions in the investment arena, have reciord profits, on Obama’s watch. 

What I do not understand is, the more you pay workers, the more they will spend and the more sales a company makes the more profits it earns. So why not pay a living wage; it’s a winner for all; unless it’s just plain greed and hatefulness.

I wonder which it is, uuuuummmmm?


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