Let’s Have A Frank Discussion, Please???? Oh, and Christie, too

Can we talk???

I took the end of the year off, you know, to get refueled, to look back but moreover to look ahead; New Year, new start…..tie up loose ends, as they say.

But that’s not what happened.

I started my Holiday Season, a little upset… I was out shopping, standing in line to pay for my goods, when I looked over at the magazine rack. Those folks that know me, know that I do not get caught up in all the propaganda about “Christmas”. No details here. I just do not lose myself in the hype that is geared to make money for the “fat cats”.

Anyway, I saw the cover a copy of LIFE magazine depicting the face of Jesus Christ. The person I was looking at had near white skin, as white one can imagine, with long flowing straight reddish brown hair down to his shoulders and blue eyes. Now, if that’s the way YOU see a man who lived in a near desert environment, then so be it. Back in the day when we were told about people in the Bible, and saw pictures, we were not aware of such issues, like skin tone, eye color, hair for people who lived in that area, in that time….we accepted whatever depiction the publishers’ decided they wanted to portray (after all they catered to a mostly a white audience, teachers and such who happened to be white, and so that’s what was in the book!!)

As time went on and we matured and got educated, not only about the folks in the Bible, but also about reasonable ideas about how they lived. But that’s not my point. My point is; “Christmas” has become more of a secular celebration, rather than a religious one. Moreover, the “season” has become a symbol for many different religions, gift buying, and other types of festive activities.

I think that this “Year-end Season” given the forgoing, say…. Kwanzaa or Chanukah or Christmas, should be celebrated by everyone. So, how did, and why did LIFE decide that it was appropriate to choose that particular depiction for its cover, for a “national” magazine?

I don’t buy “LIFE” but I just thought it slipped by a lot of people….or perhaps their readers just don’t care….I guess, if you don’t buy it, no problem…but what about those that did?

I’d like to know if you care.

Open For Discussion???

 Congress went home to celebrate the Season, leaving over 1.3 million unemployed people without money to pay rent, buy food, keep the lights on, etc.  It would be facetious for any of those republicans from cru(d)z. (a)paul(ing) or bo(eh)ner…to say to anybody, “Merry Christmas!” Shame on them!

Then, we have that idiot bl(r)and (a)paul(ling) go on national television and say giving the benefit to these folks would be an dis-incentive to find work; like they’re getting a fortune, like the benefit is money they will use for luxuries; when it’s about 47% of what they’d get if they could find a job, like he doesn’t know there’s only one low paying job for every three people looking for work and you have to be looking to get the benefit! No, it’s vulgar and ignorant….that’s what it is!

On my mind, up for discussion without taking sides….Politics.Religion, Sexuality, I  always remembered the mantra; “we don’t discuss politics or religion” and now, sexuality. Not discussing these issues has resulted (oh, by the way, I refuse to use the new word, “outcome”) I learned to say “results” and will continue to do so.

The result of not discussing these topics, is, we have placed ourselves in the position of being at the mercy of those who will do anything to promote their agendas using politics, religion and sexuality. Look at politics… we have the rich buying-influence politicians, in religion, we have clashes about which “God” is better and killing people over the question; sexuality; we have people professing to want unnatural relationships….. as if it’s a civil right to do so. What about morals? This is all because we were not allowed to discuss these issues until after the people with cross purposes took control under our noses!

Now, you elect people and send them to our Congress or State Houses with express purpose of plying their own agendas. ”Screw what the fair-minded people want!” they shout! Look at the gun control question. After all the murders of innocent school children, college students and people on their way to work, there is no moral courage that impels these “selected” officials to pass meaningful laws will protect citizens rather than line the pockets of those with immoral greed. The profit for gun makers seems to be more important.

Maybe if we talked about politics, and paid more attention, we would send moral people to do our bidding.

Religion, most of the preachers, priests, imams, rabbis tell you which “God” is better and are willing to have their apostles kill people into conversion and submission. They measure their “Lord” by the size of their cathedral, synagogues, temples and places of worship and curse those who choose not to believe in a superior being. But they won’t discuss the pros and cons of the reasons for their belief. “Don’t talk about it, just believe; and by the way, put some money on the basket on your way out”, they admonish. “The Bible says do this, but you do want you want”….”the Koran says this, but we can kill infidels”…..”The Torah says this, but you can pick whether you want t obe Orthodox, or whatever!”…..  (and I don’t mean to omit other factions, just  these come to mind). So what you have is, a polyglot of no one faction being in agreement on what tenets one should use to live one’s life. Is this worth discussing?

I’m going to get in trouble on the following, but here goes….please don’t get mad (and I mean, mad, not angry)

Back in the day (I’m old school, but I think I keep up on current trends (except.. hip hop music), and I’m not going to claim innocence or naïvete, but were all these gay folks around back then…er….all in the “closet”?

Is the “new“, open gayness real?  And if so why? Or is it just a trend we hetero folk will have to endure and wait til it fizzles out, say like….hula hoops or street roller skates or five cent cokes or open pack cigarettes or say, Champale & grenadine? I know the doctors of every science has bought in, as has liberal and progressive politicians (here we go again, politics) and a whole lot of religious folk are supporting this trend and are anxious to please and give into the avalanche of thinking on the matter, but, I’m still puzzled. Now, to be considered to be equal to the general population, they need to be “married”. Does this specific civil right to be married, trump moral and humane encounters? (As you know, I’m a proponent that government cease basing benefits to couples on the basis of marriage.)

I’ve never met the lady (only see her on TV) followed her progress on beating cancer, and so on, but the revelation that Robin Roberts, my gorgeous, tall, beautiful, eye-catching pleasure idol has had a girlfriend for years has floored me! Robin, I know you owe me nada, nothing, naught, etc., but why? Is it something more in the food or water, in your brain, environment, associates; the business you are in that does not give ample opportunity to socialize with men? I plead ignorance, but when did the lady appeal to your sensual appetite? I guess I should have been inquisitive, when Don Lemon shocked me, but hey, he’s a guy and not the object of my objective distant infatuation?

Maybe we should have been bold enough to DISCUSS it early on, back in the day. Is the civil right to pursue one’s “happiness” more important than eons of the understood relationship between a man and a woman?  And our politicians are now on board with the trend. Will this trend lead to a population decline (for obvious reasons or should someone else do the “heavy lifting” from now on?

I’d like to know…gee, am I asking too much; inquiring minds (and bodies) want to know.

All my life, I have always asked “Why”?

Do what you wish with your life, but I can’t get past two guys cuddling and smashing lips or for that matter two gals, chest bumping in the dark. It won’t change my life (right now) just bringing it  ‘cause nobody else has the will to do it!

Ask me for my essay “Year 2973”!

Oh by the way, again, Happy New Year!


Unemployment Benefits

There seems to be a logjam in the Senate regarding the reinstatement of unemployment benefits for 1.3 million people. The right wing of the republican party seems to be focused on wrenching offsets for the money that will be provided to these unfortunate people. The idiotic stance is a vulgar and vile response to the need of these folks. bushieboy supported six extensions of benefits without looking for offsets.

Many of the recipients of the benefits are in districts that are represented by these recalcitrant Senators; all those people happen not to be black or brown.

Just like you Jerseyans were asleep at the switch on christie and his vicious revenge machinations, his penchant for exacting penalties for perceived transgressions, masked by “tough, no nonsense” governance, is unacceptable. A phrase that was used “back in the day,” Please be guided accordingly.”, is appropriate. You sent these people to Congress and they turn around and screw their constituents at a most vulnerable time.

If you are smart, first chance you get, you should kick their collective a**es out!

The idea that you can boast that you did nothing to help the citizens of your nation is galling to say the least; but for you, the voter, to accept that behavior and send these traitors and liars back to Congress, is more infuriating. Are you still willing to trust these people with your future? C’mon man!!!





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