Christie suprano and Congressional Republicans and the Unemployed

Unemployment Benefits

There seems to be a logjam in the Senate regarding the reinstatement of unemployment benefits for 1.3 million people. The right wing of the republican party seems to be focused on wrenching offsets for the money that will be provided to these unfortunate people. The idiotic stance is a vulgar and vile response to the need of these folks. bushieboy supported six extensions of benefits without looking for offsets.

Many of the recipients of the benefits are in districts that are represented by these recalcitrant Senators; all those people happen not to be black or brown.

 Just like you Jerseyans were asleep at the switch on christie and his vicious revenge machinations, his penchant for exacting penalties for perceived transgressions, masked by “tough, no nonsense” governance, is unacceptable. A phrase that was used “back in the day,” Please be guided accordingly.”, is appropriate. You sent these people to Congress and they turn around and screw their constituents at a most vulnerable time.

If you are smart, first chance you get, you should kick their collective a**es out!

The idea that you can boast that you did nothing to help the citizens of your nation is galling to say the least; but for you, the voter, to accept that behavior and send these traitors and liars back to Congress, is more infuriating. Are you still willing to trust these people with your future? C’mon man!!!





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