Dennis, Dennis, stupid….

you guys should have never interrupted my holiday…

re: Dennis the (woo!!!) menace

A friend contacted me about Dennis ;here’s my response

Getting back to Dennis…. he’s weird, he can go wherever he wants to  as far as being friends with Un, he couldn’t be my friend. .I think the guys who went with Rodman to No Korea also need to think about the horrible things going on over there and not put themselves in a position appearing to endorse the way the country is run..I do not know their pocketbook but they could make money here barnstorming rather than in No Korea… If they screw up will that guy hang them too? Suppose they drub the national team.. will that dictator take it lightly? do you play to keep the score close? He might as well be Snowden…

If Un can hang an uncle, what will he do if he gets pissed off about anything???

Rodman is over the hill, no one will miss him if he never comes back….It’s like he can trust

John Dillinger or Al Capone….John Gotti??

The only good that  can come is bringing that Guy Bae back  and still if he does its Rodman would be used as propaganda

Enuf said!

I’d like your opinion 


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