Last Thoughts for This Year


In death, he has received so many praises and accolades from dignitaries from all over the world, from leaders in every field, politic and otherwise; presidents, governors of every stripe, elected, appointed and self-appointed, religious figures such as the Pope and so on, even some dictators, despots, in addition to commoners in every country, that I would not think that any words I could add would do justice to this giant of a man. Given the forgoing, I will not comment further on this man and his accomplishments, may he rest in peace.

As we wind down the year, I sat down to write about so many political things but the one thing that bothered me the most was the facetious, lying, recalcitrant, bogus hateful, underhanded immoral, most nefarious people in the republican party, that profess to be American.

At every turn, these duplicitous folk turn the words of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights on their collective heads by demeaning people who have contributed greatly to the prosperity of this country. These debasing people,  whether it was first, by the forced sweat of their captives’  brows or the theft of verdant lands from indigenous peoples or by paying the immigrants less than a living wage while they, ”the money-endowed”, prospered, sat on their elegant porches , drove the best wagons and then cars, or were chauffeured in the finest cars and transported themselves in the costliest planes, ate the finest foods prepared by people who had no choice but to accept lowest of wages because there was no place else to turn, have destroyed the concept, of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Yes, they tell you to spend your money on the trinkets they place in front of you and convince you to divert your hard-earned funds to them, rather than invest it in fruitful ventures, or saving for that proverbial “rainy day.”

They put themselves up as Christians, celebrating Christmas by turning that hallowed day into just another ordinary money-grabbing day, forcing those who choose to honor their families and this day by spending it in the company of loved ones and church, to partake and support their greed in their lust to be the biggest overlord. And the Jews and others have unwittingly bought in too, as they jump on the bandwagon, with lies about “Santa Claus” and bargain sales; reaching out to rake in the spoils of the time.

Is this the Christmas I grew up with? Where is the “joy to the world” when one has to leave your home and open a store from, say, 6 to 10 pm, or lose your job. I do not think this is the America envisioned by its founders. This is an America where, your access to vote is stolen, an America where you not afforded a competitive education, where one cannot find a decent job, (operative word: “decent”), one where the wages paid, does not provide the necessities of improving one’s lot.

I know some will say that what I write is not fair, that not all republicans are like that. I say if you are not, then stand up and out, and say so, lead by example, and do not follow the crowd. I say, let the day be what it was meant to be.

If you kept your job during this economic crisis, but were not given fair wages, or if you were able to squeeze by, you may not care about what I am saying, but you should.

Why is it that the poor always pay more…at the supermarket, at the bank, at the gas station? Why is it that the loan rates are higher for the less fortunate, lower for the “haves”?? Why do the “haves” get the perks, the better goods and pay less?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating that everything be made equal, I’m just saying that everybody must have a chance to work toward equality, through whatever means possible, without the walls of prejudice placed in front of  the less fortunate.

Those republicans who care about this country should make a New Year’s resolution to conduct themselves like ELECTED officials and assist in governing the country and not try to destroy it, because that is what you did when you shut down the Federal government or deprived it of the resources (taxes) to manage ALL of the necessary programs that make this nation great.

We need immigration reform so that people, who are here and contribute, are assimilated into the fabric of this country. We need tax reform so that those of us who have done well, pay their fair share. We need education reform so that all of us can contribute our brain power to make this nation better able to compete in the global arena. We need Federal laws that allow every citizen to partake in the voting process so that ONE party and only one cannot cheat to win elections. We need to allow presidents to appoint well qualified people to his administration so the government can operate efficiently. We need to provide that extra bit of help the less fortunate need to get by, such as food stamps and housing assistance. Congress need to restore these benefits and lastly, keep their hand off of mandated health and funding for senior citizens. By the way, we don’t save the money; we spend, thereby CONTRIBUTING to the enrichment of others.

We need meaningful gun control legislation; we do not need any guns at all but I’m willing to understand the mania that most have about guns; but certainly assault weapons and rapid fire. Multiple load weapons do not belong on the streets of our cities and towns. Rural setting, farms, ranches, forests, wilderness are places for rifles, shotguns and reasonable hand guns, not our schools, supermarkets, theatres and arenas of entertainment. Pass reasonable gun control before we have another shooting (as I write, another shooting is being reported on television, this evening) When we accept the proliferation as a way of life, we are the stupid ones, not the shooters.

All of the above and more should be their New Year’s resolution.

The Budget??

I listened carefully to the comments by Democratic Sen. Patty Murray and republican paul ryan. Then I heard boehner say he supported the compromise budget as if he was turning his back on the tea-partiers

Do not let your guard down; a few phony words will not wipe away the stench of the republican party since 2008. Actions speak volumes so let’s see what transpires. And Barack, do not weaken and give up your party’s principles…work closer with them and understand that compromise is a two-way street and as I see it, honestly, you’ve been used…..forge agreements WITH your party, not after you’ve negotiated agreements alone and leave with less than half the pie. Let’s hope that Congress will restore all of the necessary funds to the budget so that the national government (not necessarily the president) can do its job. In other words, stop trying to delegitimize Obama and do your jobs for the people, not for your narrow cabal with bad intentions.

Congress is expected to give final approval this week to the two-year budget framework that would require new federal employees to pay more for their pensions but avert the threat of a partial government shutdown next month and give agencies some relief from a fresh round of sequester-related budget cuts. The bill was passed the House overwhelmingly late last week; the Senate is set to take it up this week before adjourning for the year. For workers hired after Dec. 31, the deal would set their contributions into the Federal Employees Retirement System at 4.4 percent of salary, well above the 0.8 percent rate that most federal employees pay. Workers already on the payroll would not be affected.

The measure also does the following:  Partially repeal sequester-related budget cuts for 2014 and 2015, a step that should ease, if not eliminate, the threat of furloughs and layoffs for federal employees, offer a “self plus one” health insurance option under the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program, along with the standard family plan, and slash the cap on reimbursable executive compensation for contractors. So let’s see what happens in the Senate. This bill must not be the end of discussion about funding our government because it hits the poor and misfortunate hard, and we cannot let that stand.

Enough said….

Season’s Greetings, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy New Year to All!!! Talk to next year…Tra la la!!!!



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