What do we call us??? What’s in a name??

I happen to read the story about a blog by a Rev. Robert Smith Jr., Pastor at New Bethel Baptist Church, Detroit, Michigan, in the Detroit News today. The story was carried by the HuffPost. The blog posed the question, “Why do brother keep killing brothers?” He expanded the question by saying he preferred to refer to himself as “Negro” instead of Black or African-American (or if you prefer, Afro-American: Ed) because of they are more willing to kill each other for any cause or it seem that way.

The Detroit News responded by removing the blog, but before it could do so, HuffPost printed it. Rev. Smith was upset that the blog was taken down, but say “in effect, “it’s their newspaper.”

He said “it seems that blacks or African Americans are willing to kill each other for any cause…it (black crime) seems that way…. I’m not sure but I know that in any city in America, black on black crime, especially murder, lead the news reports.”

He questioned whether the police are working hard enough to solve crimes and bemoaned the fact that in the “community”, few are willing to cooperate with the police, opining that since this phenomenon does not affect the larger community, the problem is left to resolve itself.  Further he questions the need for “bonding” in such communities in order to avert black on black crime; but that we are diverse, hence we cannot do so.

My take from what he is saying is that we call ourselves so many different names, in addition to those above that we lack an identity.

His solution is to harken back to the days (of “the good ol’ days…Ed.) in the south, when we were called Negro or Negra, because we (to white people: Ed.) were all seen as one, as if that would solve the problem.

Rev Smith, take this from an old guy who’s been around some; changing what they call us, what we like to call ourselves, what criminals (of color) do (and they do it to their own people because they are easy prey, the victims are right there in their faces, next door, in the bar, the club, the store, the school, the street, the “community” so it’s easier than driving (or busing it or bicycling) across-town, to a white suburb or downtown to a store with a guard or where a cop may profile you, …will not change what they do!

Plus, do you think they read the newspaper? Half of them can’t read….

But changing the name?…naaaaw…. That ain’t it.

Just like Oprah said about another group…..”They just gotta die off!!”  OR, give the young ones, under thirty five, one more chance……if they are willing to listen; they have to be taught to want better for themselves, to want dignity, to want education, to want a job, to want better for their kids, to want to walk with their heads up in society. And to you self-made criminals,…. there is no dignity in the graveyard or the prison yard, know that! Look in the mirror, what you see is not dignity. If you can read and can find a dictionary…..look it up!

It’s not a name thing, it’s a mind thing……

All these big-time athletes with all that money, all the people of color with seven figure salaries, all the rap artists/ promoters (who by the way have the attention of those who need their minds changed), etc., who are giving their funds back to the white man, buying cars, jewelry, fifty room houses, yachts, or a jet airplane; (after all you do not build cars, you do not own jewelry stores of any magnitude, are not  a contractor who can build a mansion, or a build a  yacht or manufacture a plane) need to get off their high horses and GO, personally, go into the lair of the beast and offer those people “a way out”!!! Foot the bill for education (not necessarily a college one) and a decent paying job.

Those who do not respond, like Oprah says……, those that do respond and by their own decision, screw up, toss back on the heap…

Look at all the immigrants who come here with a desire to do better…..who are willing to sacrifice, to struggle toward the Dream…. They are willing to do it…..

Rev, it’s the mind, not the name… but I’m willing to give a shot”

Last, the white man came up with “race” nobody else did. When that mindset dies off, we’ll just say…American………

And as we look at what’s going on today, it’s about politics and economics, still not about the name …..

Enough said……..

p.s. Why the Detroit News pulled the blog, I do not understand. It was not offensive…. You tell people how you want to addressed and take from there, but not because it absolves you or separates you,  but because its your prerogative!! or did they find the title, Negro offensive or regressive… Let me know.


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