wOe-bama, O(h)bama……

wOe-bama, O(h)bama……

Prez, I‘ve been writing about the boo-boos you’ve committed, but I’m not about to rub salt in the wounds. I’m going to skip the first four years and get right into you current nemesis. The Affordable Care Act is a great and dynamic piece of momentous legislation, but you let the vicious and nasty republicans define it. You didn’t have the sense to understand that as they defined the law as negative, and placed you name on it, it was not because they intended to help you; yet you accepted their denigration of the law and you. When the debacle of the national rollout of the ACA rose to monumental proportions, you did not understand that the insurance companies were not going to be your ally, and NEVER would be. While your attention was diverted, they sent out cancellation notices, allowing your opponents to make hay with that too. Now, you’ve apologized and taken responsibility for the botched rollout but you virtually “guaranteed” that the rollout problems would disappear by November 30th, with understanding what had to be done and whether the armada of techies your lieutenants have amassed, are up to the task. What happens if it’s not ready?  But you gambled. Now we await with bated breath, the answer. For one, I’m nervous.

You need managers, managers who can evaluate progress and pass the truth up the chain of command; managers who can get the production from the troops (with checks and balances) and meet reasonable deadlines.

Did you ever consider:

  1. 1.   Copying the rollout websites from the states that were ready for the rollout instead of trying to build one massive internet application program.
  2. 2.   Creating several websites instead of one massive one.
  3. 3.   Creating several websites state by state, with possible two or three different websites within the state.
  4. 4.   Create different 800 numbers for call-in registration, as well as physical walk-in sites at local hospitals.
  5. 5.   Allow/ encourage insurance companies to provide a cash incentive (perhaps a gift card) per application, to encourage people to sign up.
  6. 6.   Go on HLN and other “sales” TV stations to sell the Affordable Care Act.


These are ideas from people who know how to sell and incent people to “buy-in to a product.

By the way I got no response to my question “words of the bible and gay marriage”.  Too hot a topic, huh???


Months ago I suggested that governments get out of the marriage business and acquiesce to couples who declare they are “committed” and provide all benefits and services on that basis.

  How bad does a lady in Florida want a boyfriend?

I know it’s difficult to meet a nice guy but geez, George Zimmerman?!!

He has no right to do what he allegedly has done to “girlfriend” but, gosh, you are dating him??? c’mon…. george z, ….your boyfriend??? you gotta be a little off!! You gotta……be __________

Well, you fill in the blank, people tell me I have sometimes hold my tongue. 




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