As Claire Huxtable used to say, “Pitiful!!!”

Pitiful, truly pitiful… I’d be so ashamed to come out in public if I were a republican…..pitiful!!!

Keep you old health insurance policy? Sure, if you want to. It’s like you are so stupid, no one can tell you that you aren’t smart.  Say, you are still paying for a 2011 beat up car. A man in a nice car showroom stops you and says “That old car is falling apart, tranny going, motor leaks oil, radio doesn’t work, seats are all ripped out, so, I have a deal for you; you can start paying on a better car, everything runs great, good seats, right now and I’’ll even throw in some bucks to help you with the payment, it’ll lower be than what you’re paying now.”

You say, “No, I wanna keep my old car!! I don’t care what other people are doing, I’ll keep mine!”

Now, your uncle, brother, and your father says, “Keep it, we’ll stick together on this!”

But they’re all driving 2013 model cars with air, abs brakes, GPS, moon roof, leather seats. etc., and they say, “we’ll help you scream ‘I wanna keep my car!!”

Now the administration is saying,”‘er, we’’ll let you keep that car, although, its brakes don’t work, the alignment’s off, you could get killed or kill somebody!! But you can drive it for another year!!”

Well, how about the rest of us who have to foot the bill if the guy gets hurt in an accident; Prez…. C’mon, man. Do not go back to your appeasing stance!!  Stick it to ‘em! The insurance companies agreed to cooperate with ACA but tried to screw you by sending out cancellation notices. Instead of agreeing to change the law to let those few idiots who want to keep their policies, keep them; make the insurance companies add an addendum to those policies, that’ll bring those policies into line with the minimum standards of the ACA…. Bingo!!!!!! I’m looking for some bold thinking from you. You do not need to apologize over and over again…enough, okay?  And you weak-kneed Democrats, stay strong, have some conviction. Instead of voting with the republicans, go home and explain the benefits to your constituents.

Another thought. Build a Federal Exchange for each state that does not build its own. That way, if the state changes its mind about enrolling its citizens, then just turn the Exchange over to the state to run and charge the state a setup fee. Did I say something like that before? Call me when you need advice….

“Damn, umrich romey” had the nerve to call the Prez, a liar…after he’s been proven to be liar… about, “we came up with a list of qualified women” or “I paid all my taxes.” Gee, I do not want to revisit the campaign! 

Then there’s chainneee… out of his coma ‘cause he got somebody’s heart! What a liar!!

Glad they indicted that murderer in that poor girl, Renisha McBride’s death…

Oh, by the way, when gas prices were near four dollars a gallon, the noxious and deceitful republicans were blaming President Obama for the high prices. Now that the price is down around three dollars, I don’t hear a peep out the republicans now…what up????

Last thing…..probiotics… a new thing, they’re all over the TV…. I guess they figured out everybody ought to be kinda regular. Come to think of it perhaps we should donate some to the republicans since …er…you know…they’re all full of sp*t…   er…. crap!

The money they are making on all the stuff they make now, to keep one… “cleaned out”! Yo’ pocketbook, too!!!

I thought that yogurt did the job…I don’t eat it..  but I heard it works just as well. Back in the day, milk of magnesia or citrate of magnesia (that ExLax was kinda harsh) was an easy solution, cheap too! Never used those either….if you had a cold, my mom would give you a bowl of apple sauce, a Hershey bar and a glass of warm water…a-swooooosh!!!! I think that’ll work as well today…..and I aint sp***ing you …..lemme stop!!!

Somebody let me if  know those $10.00 bottles work…..if you dare to…

I’m out………




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Politics determine your future, take the time to have a say in it. For me, politics is seriously personal Sleep on it and you may get representation you may not want! Pay attention and follow my blog, be enlightened...
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