Our President’s approval rating and saggin’ (again)

November 9, 2013


This past week headlines on the political TV shows and the national newspapers screamed “President Obama’s approval rating is at an all-time low!!”

In the not too distant past, I had little faith in “the polls.” But the results over the last five or six years, picking winners and losers, seemed to be pretty accurate; in fact accurate enough for me to change my mind about their accuracy. I’m not hardheaded, I don’t think, but something’s proven to me, I accept it.

But I must say that sometimes I have a hard time understanding their conclusions when I don’t what questions were asked and in what manner.

It seems to me that our President has done a pretty good job, considering that he has had no help from the republicans. And rather than being neutral, they have tried to undermine every program or law he’s tried to have enacted. They have demeaned him personally, showing no respect for the office or the person. They’ve spit at him, shook their fingers in his face, called him a Muslim (if he was, why would that be a problem!), said that they can’t stand to be in the same room with him…need I go on?

So when the stock market has doubled, the jobless rate continues to slide downward, his military tactics have brought many a terrorist to justice or blasted their asses, given the opportunity to 40 thousand people without health insurance or bad insurance policies, to get better insurance without being punished or blocked by insurers because of pre-existing conditions. Foreign trade has increased; the national debt has decreased, operating without a budget, on his watch. He done as much as he can do on immigration, given his tacit approval on gay marriage and made progress on easing the mortgage crisis, his response to Hurricane Sandy, kept out of the Syrian conflict, and brought our troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan, yet he gets an approval rating (according to the polls) of a number south of 40%.  So, who, exactly are they asking, Black folks, Hispanics who want a slice of the American dream, fair-minded White people, or the biased, badly informed rural Texan, the Coloradan who wants to secede, the polygamist in Utah, or mostly the converted conservative who thinks that his income potential and his pureness is being eroded by the “liberal” Federal Government. I concede there must be a liberal amount of his supporters who have looked at the small picture, and got spun by the noise from the pundits, and estimated that the President has done a bad job. So, I take the news, as they say, “with a grain of salt.”


We understand that in his fervor to convince of his constituents, he has stumbled, in my opinion. His comment, “You didn’t build that” or recently “You can keep your (insurance) policy”, has given fodder to the right wing element but when you look at all his speeches, you see a fair, honest and promising assessment of his accomplishments.

It is what it is, but those of us have his back, knowing his administration is the only thing that stands between the present and future and those who think their contribution to advancing this nation, is to turn back the clock. I say, we continue to talk about his accomplishments, for he has to drown out the lies, stay the course.


A while ago I spoke on the “pants down” criminal emulation practice that I see our young men continue to exhibit. I understand they call it “sagging” but what is the real purpose of the “style”? A neighbor recently told of her encounter with such a young man. I, also, see these people exhibit this degrading practice. We all buy, I hope nice underwear (notice, the word is UNDERWEAR), but its color or pattern, is of no concern to the public. It is a PERSONAL item that is used to demonstrate protection of one’s PRIVATE anatomy and CLEANLINESS! It is not a tonsorial style. Moreover it is a demonstration of a lack of grooming and self-esteem, otherwise why would one do it? And what is the general public perception of the women (as to differentiate them from ladies) that accompany them? Are they too, low class ghetto, trailer-trash, uneducated individuals who lack self-dignity?  I always look for explanations and answers to unexplained activities. Are there any answers out there? I’d ask one of these people but fortunately, I do not know any personally and I think, to ask a stranger would incite an uproar, after all my questions would come from a judgmental point of view …they may not understand my honest interest in their response. So………

 I’m out……..








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Politics determine your future, take the time to have a say in it. For me, politics is seriously personal Sleep on it and you may get representation you may not want! Pay attention and follow my blog, be enlightened...
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One Response to Our President’s approval rating and saggin’ (again)

  1. Gloria says:

    Enjoyed reading this article, Bill. Relative to your commentary on the “sagging” pants, one of my sons had begun to wear his pants that way a few years ago. I told him that if I ever saw, or even heard of him wearing them that way again, I would consider it a personal act of disrespect of me and that I would no longer have anything to do with him. He’s not done it again. I do think I shall have a chat with him in an attempt to determine what’s behind that “fad”, what it is that they’re attempting to communicate to the world when they do this. Will let you know what I find out.

    Be blessed,

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