Ingognito Is no longer ingognito

 How can a stupid racist and bully lose $4,000,000 in about thirty seconds?


 Be richie ingognito, the lineman for the Miami Dolphins who decided to use curse words, and an epithet in a cell phone call to his teammate.


 As reported from many sources, the copy of the phone call has been turned over to the team and the NFL. This all came about when the targeted lineman, Jonathan Martin, disappeared from the team’s facility over a week ago, after the whole team rose from their seats at lunchtime, as a prank,  when Mr. Martin sat down to eat. This act was the final straw for Mr. Martin, since reports also say that the harassment has been going on for over a year. Reportedly Mr. ingognito also extorted $15,000 from Mr. Martin to Las Vegas for some of his team-mates.


 This information has come to attention of the management of the ball club, resulting in the coach, first denying knowledge, then suspending the offender, with the prospect of releasing him from his lucrative contract.


I suspect more incidents of hazing (harassment)will surface.


 Jonathan Martin has not appeared in public since the lunchroom incident but reportedly check into a facility to deal with depression related to the harassment.


 As a follow up to this fiasco, reporters asked various teammates about their knowledge of the incidents and most indicate that they had no knowledge of the harassment and extortion. Further, they indicated that they felt that the offender, ingognito, at this time, with the reported incidents out in the open, would be more acceptable to the team than Martin. In fact they basically dismissed the harassment as “their culture” in the locker room.


 This brought to mind the incident at FAMU when hazing resulted in the death of a band mate.


 And it also brought to mind an incident I was involved in when I agreed to pledge for a fraternity, while in college. Granted, my incident happened long time ago, but it seems that hazing (harassment) continues to be a part of the “right of passage” into an organization, Don’t get me wrong, but when such rituals border on demeaning activities, cursing, paddling and placing victims in harm’s way, paying for the whims of those in charge, I draw the line.


Fun without personal degradation, is an important tool to build camaraderie and cooperation in common causes.


 The fellow in charge of the pledgees told me I had to bring a bottle of cheap wine with cheese and a pie to each meeting, for his personal consumption. The other pledgees had similar tasks for other members of the fraternity. I refused because the task was for his indulgence. He was known to be an alcoholic.  And I had a problem with the “traditional paddling or drinking a quart of beer in one gulp, or punching fellow pledgees “for offenses”.  I refused to participate in that practice when another pledgee could not perform to the standards they set. I was threatened with a “beatdown” wherein, all the brothers would jump on me and “beat the hell out of me.”  I told him that if they came after me, the first person I would grab would be him and if I had to hurt him until they stopped beating me, that’s what I would do. The “beatdown never occurred, and I never “went over” but they treated me as if I did. I never went to another meeting. I repeatedly told them that they needed to think about their “tradition.”


 Your teammate is your sister/ brother-in-arms against all others in a reasonable, respectable common cause. So why would you want to do harm to the person? Berating or demeaning a person does not make the tougher, an excuse some team mates infer was the reason Mr. ingognito treated Mr Martin the way he did. In fact they said that they would welcome ingognito back rather than the victim. Now my question is: does all that money you get (ingognito’s contract is for four million dollars, and others range from over eight million down to a paltry $400 thousand) make you lose your mind or are you suffering from the concussion syndrome that seems to abound these days?


 When you tell the public that you would accept a person who uses that kind of language and bullying tactics into your midst, rather than the victim of such abuse, I have to question your personal dignity, who is to say he would not do it to you? And when and if he did, and he would, who has set the precedent? Is the money and notoriety (well, your team hasn’t done so well as we speak) worth giving up your self-respect?


 Another shame on you… get the toilet paper!!! This hits a 8.5 on my shame/toilet meter!!!


  I’m out!!


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