Internet Access to the Affordable Care Act

Internet Access to the Affordable Care Act

For a month now, I have listened to the republicans, rail against the ACA and the reported problems that the non-insured and the uninsured have confronted when attempting to register, access information or to buy insurance.

The Obama administration readily admitted it bungled the rollout.  Politically, they have learned that it was best to “get out front” and admit to presenting those who are buying into using the ACA system, a web site that did not function properly, for whatever the reason.

What amazes me is, the media has given this “legs”! The more they question the need to improve the rollout the program, and keep presenting on TV and radio, right-wing complainers, who by their malfeasance, want to destroy the health care program, the more they demonstrate the ignorance surrounding the enrollment options. And the media has bought into the idea that the program is a failure too, for they never mention that the people who need health care can register by phone or go to one of the many centers that are available in many neighborhoods to assist in enrolling. Further they never mention that the state exchanges are working successfully. Lastly, there are many who DO NOT have a computer. I admit it would have been a better idea to set a schedule to deal with overuse in the first few days, i.e., “last names “A to F” first week, “G to K” the second week and so on; with a repeat of the opportunity in  the second month the same way. But they never thought of that and they screwed up. But just like when Toyota recently recalled 800,000 cars because of a problem, I did not hear anyone say get rid of the car; no, they said, “bring it in and we’ll fix it!”

Let’s stop all the noise and get busy with enrolling people. By the way, the right wing pundits got caught with they’re pants down, again! It seems that all the “complainers” they paraded on TV were lying (er…overreaching) when telling their sad stories. Once again they show their shiftiness, because they have nothing but deceit, rather than useful programs for the American people.

Another Thing: I watched ‘Meet the Press’ on Sunday. I wondered why they unearthed “mitt (i’m rich)” romney to asked him what he would do about health care, if he were president. Heeeelllllll-looooo? He’s  not and never will be “president” so what was the point? Anyway, he did not disappoint; he did it again… showed the public again, that he may be rich but that does not mean he’s any smarter than he was in 2012, he’s still got stupid answers to stupid questions. Gee, Mr. Gregory, I thought you were smarter than that! It was almost as bad as the pudits digging up dick cheney, as if thebook he wrote was revelant. C’mon TV hosts, you gotta do better than that…please!!!!


May I send my condolences to the family and friends of the Old Knick, Walt Bellamy. I met him a few times uptown, but did not get to know him well. My friend, Stacey Arcenaux, knew him better. He was a favorite of mine on the court.  Rest in peace, big fella.

Election Day…..Get out and vote….. Every year is important…. Vote, vote, vote!!!!

Oh, by the way….no feedback on the Bible and marriage equality. Got any!!! It does matter, you know.




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