Here I go, thinking again. Slavery……

I wondered about the mentality of the people who enslave other human beings. After all isn’t one of the basic characteristics of any animal is the desire to be free. Given that, we humans, with a higher level of intellect, it would seem that we would “get it” most of all. There are so many cases, it will do nothing for this discussion to try and mention some,

I understand that slavery goes on all the time all around the world and it is not the province of just one nation, one culture or one ethnicity. But to focus on what has gone on and still goes on today, I’m going to narrow my comments to what I know about, the good old USA.

Europeans came to these shores and “gorilla-ed” the land and all its bounties from the people who first settled here. By the way, those indigenous peoples respected the land. They may have fought over certain areas but the fact is, they did not destroy it. But I stray from my main point.

It is clear that most white people in the south and many in the north, who “owned” land/ property and profited from that endeavor, i.e., free labor, by engaging in the slave trade, either on the front end (capturing, buying, or enticement, transporting/ trading) or the back end, keeping human beings in captivity, forcing them to work without remuneration and if they objected, subjected them to rape, beatings and lynchings.

And that realization brought me to the “modern” days of 21st century where some descendants of the 17th century European ilk, are still profiteering from the misery of people who are struggling to pursue that ultimate goal of “life, liberty and happiness“.

To be sure, people of color, black, brown and yellow and some whites, are subject to the same atrocities perpetrated by their forbearers, only in a more subtle and underhanded way, not obvious to all.

Just like in the 17th century, so it is today, the powerful, the rich, such as the koch brothers, the nra, lobbyists, pacs and superpacs        use money as a substitute for guns and superior force, and are able to keep people of color in virtual bondage, by jerry-mandering districts, by taking away the right to vote, by denying food and education, by paying low wages, by destroying the union base, by polluting the land and so on. The rich and powerful by virtue of money the accumulated, have convinced the very people who need the government in their lives (poor rural farm communities and poorly educated citizens who lack exposure to the basic modern conveniences, one being health care) not to accept the benefits of laws that will make their lives a little easier.

So, like the slaves of the past were treated, the neo- rich refuse to pay livable wages, or provide health care, vacation pay, maternity benefits, and prevent their workers from organizing. These activities are as close to modern slavery as you can get; yet these downtrodden folks, in their hatred rail against the Federal government, especially the President (because he is not “white”) to their detriment. Where would they be without a farm bill, or Social Security,or,  childcare benefits, or oans for farm equipment, and so on.

You folks, despite what your lying politicians say, need to wake up and realize that progressively, the country has passed you by… and you need to catch up, if you want to do better. The ‘50s are never coming back, the nation is going to get more colorful, your daughter is going to marry someone of color, and you are a dying breed! So, climb on board, enjoy the rest of your life, abandon the divisive rhetoric your misguided politicians think you want to hear and participate in our country’s growth. Stop being a slave to the rich. Live up to the promise of opportunity, even at your late age that is available to you. Right now you need health care, so hop on board.


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Politics determine your future, take the time to have a say in it. For me, politics is seriously personal Sleep on it and you may get representation you may not want! Pay attention and follow my blog, be enlightened...
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One Response to Here I go, thinking again. Slavery……

  1. Michael Williams says:

    Bill let’s work on this project together, (Reperations) I believe we earned it and deserve it. By the way your article was excellent . Have you been watching PBS series on Slavery?

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