The Delusional cruz and the Republican Party

TED CRU(DE)Z  has to be delusional. He keeps talking about what the American people want. We want him to shut up, go away and get lost.

It is clear that the republicans have allowed the racist tea party to control their caucus. Until yesterday, they could not muster up enough courage to support their country, rather than bow down to the ultra-rich  oligarchy that wants to run this nation from the shadows. The tea party members and  their supporters are as dangerous as any terrorist because what they do , is more widespread and affects the very core, the vulnerable in our society. In this day and age, those rich slugs see this as a nation of white supremists, who know where their wealth comes from; from the work and toil of the less fortunate. Hey pay coolie wages, no benefits, yet espouse that they care about the country. Yes, they do, like the slave-master who says “I love my slaves, if I didn’t, would I not  clothe and feed them so they can pick cotton?”

I have no respect for 98% of the republican party and less for the blacks people who support their ideology. I have less for the tea party or state’s rights advocates who want to ignore the lessons of history. These idiots (using the words kindly) have been bred to believe they are better than anyone else by virtue of their skin tone. They are but a small annoyance, a pimple that the rest of America sees as festering oozing sore that our antibiotic will soon cure. They forget (which they have developed a habit of doing) that their forefathers were once immigrants, and this great nation of opportunity allowed them succeed at whatever they wanted to do. Of all the principles, this nation’s founders based its creation on “E Pluribus Unum”, that is, “From Many, One”  and the fact that to succeed, they had to have the chance, which the tea party seem to want to deny to anyone  they deem to be the “wrong” color or financial status.

The parents of cru(de)z were allowed to re-enter this country; he was allowed to get an education (and lose his way politically) but he’s turned into an ungrateful pandering fool!! You have to wonder whether he is a mole in our society.

No ba**s bo(eh)ner, finally found the courage not to destroy this nation’s credibility.

We shall see what the future holds for him….maybe the moderates in his party will encourage and support him. He made a small forced step in the right direction but he still has a long way to go to prove he can be a patriot for America or he can  return to his base as the head of the “do nothing, destroy America ” party.

Delusional: a misbelief, a misconception, a myth. Picture cru(de)z and his cabal of fellow republicans. He had the nerve to try and represent himself as the spokesman for the American people when virtually every poll in the last two weeks say he was the cause of the shutdown.

And, his idea that The Affordable Care Act will cause people harm is so off-base, it is ludicrous. The very folks, poverty line unemployed rural white people, who need health insurance, are the ones who say they hate, the program, because their politicians tell them that they don’t need it. The cabal looks at the demise or impairment of the ACA as a political victory to delegitimize Obama. Their hatred intense that they would rather see people go without preventive health, life-saving tests, vaccines, and other drugs than let the top two percent of the most rich, pay a little more in taxes from their vast cache of cash.

Of course, cru(de)z is not alone. There are at this moment many republicans who do not have the nerve to tell him he is wrong, rather, they protect him and echo the nonsense he spouts.

It’s time for republicans to be true to the oath they took when they were sworn into office; that is to do what is best for the nation and not their own pockets.

Lastly, I’m glad to see the President stand on the principle that the financial fortunes of the nation and the world cannot be ransomed or bargained away.

The opposition keeps talking about the fact that he would not “compromise”. Well I think he read some of my rhetoric, about being a stronger negotiator and not giving in so easily on issues that matter to nation. Kudos to him for  that!






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Politics determine your future, take the time to have a say in it. For me, politics is seriously personal Sleep on it and you may get representation you may not want! Pay attention and follow my blog, be enlightened...
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