The Debt, Black Republicans, and the ilk like crudz

The Increase in the Debt Ceiling and the Continuing Resolution

With all the hubbub about the debt ceiling and the continuing resolution to fund our government, we have a tendency to forget why we are in the position we, as a nation, are in.  I am not going back point by point, except to remind you and especially the republicans, that we had a surplus in Y2001 when bushie-boy took office. The two wars, the reduction in taxes paid by the richest and most affluent people in the country, and the refusal of the republicans to increase those taxes, a fair and equitable means to stabilize the expenditures the Federal government has to pay to keep the government running, maintain the progress on jobs for the American people and lastly, pay our debts including the interest and provide support including health care and earned Social Security benefits is the reason we find ourselves where we are.

There is also the vehement hatred and disrespect of the President by the ultra-right wing element, himself and the Office he holds


The perverse racism, imbedded in the tea party is out in the open now. From sara appaling and ted crudz and louiee gophermeat and yes, michelle backwardwoman, the tea party continues to abase our President. 

We have now seen their colors. They are yellow-backed traitors to everything America stands for. Why, because they are racist, plain and simple. And the   assllen wests, the herman cains, and the  assstrongwilliams are silent. Shocking!! The nerve of that racist to bring the insulting southern flag to the front of the White House!!! Then we have a donkey called larry klayman has the gall to still accuse our President of being a non-citizen, and a criminal. I hate give this fool my time, but I feel that we need to recognize stupidity.

Going back  few days, red crudz spoke before a racist rabid crowd and said his hero was jesse helms…jesse helms!!!!, the most racist of racists from the south. I told someone who asked my opinion of crudz that crudz has lost his mind and should be expelled from the Senate for being incompetent! I was surprised he didn’t go down the line with mentioning strom Thurmond, bull connor and george wallace


Steve Benen recently wrote”

The man Cruz celebrated yesterday was arguably the last proud, unrepentant racist to serve in Congress. When Cruz said America needs “a hundred more like Jesse Helms in the U.S. Senate,” what he’s endorsing is a chamber run by white supremacists.

What’s more, the depths of Helms’ bigotry ran deeper. As Tim Murphy reported yesterday, “Helms believed gays were ‘weak, morally sick wretches’ He described AIDS education as ‘so obscene, so revolting, I may throw up.'”

(Yet) Ted Cruz wants to embrace the Helms legacy? He wants a Senate dominated by members in the Helms mold? Great. This seems like a discussion well worth having.

Perhaps crudz wants to own the title of “Most Racist” And, yes, again black republicans are silent. Shame, shame on you, a pox on you, you bunch of punks… yes, punks… no moral fiber… weak excuses for human beings….no guts, no ba**s, excuse for a worm or slug!!!!

I’m so angry I need to leave this alone…Later, I’m out






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