Random Thoughts: Misinformed and Misguided

Some random thoughts about what we now know about today’s truth.

Back in the day in school, we were taught all about Columbus and his ”discovery”  of America, a false fact, we know now. We were told this so much that he was given a holiday by the Federal government and the Italians took it as a day of celebration; hence, many cities and towns recognize the “holiday” with parades and they proudly wave the Italian flag.

We know what happened after his “discovery. Other Europeans followed, took (stole) land as their own, by and large,  decimated the native population by disease, war, and slavery, and created a nation where white men were considered the only people in the land with human rights.

We now know for a definitive fact that the Norse Vikings came to these shores way before Columbus, traveling as far inland as what is now the Midwest and into Minnesota. Further, it has been surmised that Henry Sinclair, a member of the European Knights Templar (based on various engravings on huge stones in Nova Scotia, Canada) visited America in the 12th century. If you study the historical facts, monuments and structures left by the Vikings you will be convinced, without a doubt, that the Vikings and not Columbus were the first to set foot on North America, with so far, no evidence that they did any harm to the natives or the land.

Therefore, it is impractical us to have a holiday and celebrate Columbus’ “discovery”!

The other day Craig Melvin of MSNBC, had a terrific idea….continue to celebrate a holiday in October but rename the day “Native American Day” in honor of the “First Peoples” in America, and as an apology to these people for the way they were and continue to be treated in this country.

Second thought….. The controversy surrounding the Washington D.C. football team, is winding its way through the Court system. Meanwhile, both public and private pressure abounds to change the name of the team. Many of us consider the name a SLUR. In my mind it is just as bad as the N-word, that has become a word that denigrates, demeans and insults Black people and others.

The NFL has been silent; after all who wants to upset people who contribute billions to the wealth of already rich people? The owner, Daniel Snyder refuses to buckle under the pressure to change the insulting and demeaning name.

What is appalling to me is the number of black people in that city who root for, wear demeaning gear, shirts, and other paraphernalia and pay money to support this awful situation. Ask you to think about it…. Supposed the team was called “the b**cksk*ns”?  or even worse, the N-word?

I know that, back in the day, we actually referred to each other by the N-word; so much so that other people thought it was okay to use the word too. But we became more enlightened about the harm it was doing so we campaigned and let everybody know that it was unacceptable. We hope, as time goes on, the word will die a horrible death, buried forever.

We now, must do the same with that awful team name. All the team’s supporters need to express outrage at the use of the name, despite the owner’s claim that it is in recognition of, rather than demeaning to the “First Peoples”. Let me say loud and clear: IT IS AN INSULT!!!!

We of all people should be in the forefront of erasing the name, but I see on TV, black people making  fools of themselves, wearing what they would consider, Native American “war dress”, feathers, skins, painting their faces, beating drums and so on, to root for the team. Let me tell you something… you have bought into the propaganda. You do a disservice to every Black and Native person, when you do not protest this degrading practice and the name. You need to “recognize” as we used to say; and need to stop.

Not to leave you with nothing in this discussion, I propose a name; The Washington Monuments!!! Think about it.

Maybe they’ll win a few games after they “do the right thing”!!!

I hope the overall useless bigoted members of the Supreme Court, surprise us and outlaw the current team name, although, I would rather see Mr. Snyder and the NFL take it upon themselves to change immediately, right away, forthwith, etc.

After we win in Court on the Washington matter, (if we have to), then well go after that stupid caricature of the Cleveland baseball club, the Atlanta baseball club, the Kansas football club, etc. I they get the message before we have to deliver our own strong message of righteousness.

I’d like to know what you think. Let me know.






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