Catching up

I’m back and I don’t know where to begin so I’ll just wing it.
Let’s start with Dr. Benjamin Carson…my dear mother used to say there is nothing worse than an educated fool. Now he is, I grant you, a brilliant doctor. But let’s be clear; I have to wonder whether he’s lost his mind. Now, he’s not alone. There are a lot of black folks in this country who likewise have forgotten their heritage and the sacrifices our forefathers made to become part of the fabric of this very flawed nation.
There a bigots and haters everywhere in this great country, north, south, east and west. But we continue to see a more liberal, tolerant and caring population, emerge. The understanding that we are a better nation and can accomplish more when everyone is included in every aspect of our society is how we have grown in stature as the world leader in commerce and democracy.
But the emergence of a conservative “tea party” is the explosive device that could tear apart all of the gains that the middle class, including minorities, have made in the last fifty years. And it galls me to see rather intelligent black people give up their self-worth to grovel at the feet of the very people that hate your very existence because they, the tea party bigots, in their hearts, believe that they are better than anybody else just by virtue of the color of their skin. They are the ones who want a monochrome of population that will amass great wealth at the expense on the inferior (their thought process) masses they have no respect for.
So, what we see is, the blind (in mind) thomases. cains, wests, jindals and their ilk think that, to save this nation from disaster, they must sign on to the oppressive and hateful elements of a political party that does not give a damn about the welfare of people who happen to be, through no fault of their own, are in a lesser place than them.
C’mon, Ben get some therapy, get a grip, don’t make us give up on you; your talent is too valuable to waste, but you may lose the respect I, at least, have for you and your talent. You from what I see, are a wayward soul who has lost his way. Please get back on the righteous path; apologize and understand that the republicans only care about lining their pockets and those of their oppressors and not about the welfare of this country and ALL of its people.
Let me quickly move on to ted cru(d)z and his outlandish theory that he and his cabal, can improve the financial stability of the nation by putting people out of work, not paying our bills and reducing the income to the treasury of the U.S. The blind in mind republicans, especially the tea party, seen to have selective amnesia, in that they refuse to look back and acknowledge the cause of our economic problems. And they have let their hatred of our duly elected President, (twice, mind you) take them down a path that could literally destroy the world economy.
Led by a person who was absolutely, positively born in another country, (which is not a problem for me, even, in light of the uproar they afforded President Obama who was born in America) , Canada, is of Hispanic heritage, educated in the best schools and elected by ultra conservatives in a truly jerry-mandered state, cru(d)z, and members of the true minority in Congress, have been allowed to flex their ability to thwart the will of the people, by a weak minded, gutless majority leader, Boehner who could end the impasse in ten or fifteen minutes.
I’m not going to go back and point out the causes of the false reasons the tea party likes to talk about; “the Federal government should not spend more than it takes in” and point out that they refused to approve an increase in the taxes millionaires and billionaires pay on income which could have easily provided enough tax revenue to keep the government solvent, provide for medical care for millions and increase the funds for research, provide more jobs (thereby increase tax revenues)and a hand up for the less fortunate in our society. The selfish and greedy (because they share in the revenue saving by the most very high income) elected to turn their backs on their own countrymen, an sell their dignity for the proverbial, 30 pieces of silver.
Lastly, a bill has been before Congress, to pass a budget, for the last 20 some odd months, and Boehner and his gang have chosen to ignore that fact and chose to try to ransom the presidency by withholding the funding process necessary for the federal government to function.
The necessary work of the government to provide food, health care, shelter, education and the necessities of life to the less fortunate in this nation must go on and despite the efforts of the lowlifes who would like to see otherwise, those of us who are on the side of righteousness will prevail.

Kendrick Johnson
Another f**ked up investigation by inept and possibly racist police (?) department (Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office), we have to deal with.
Why is it always when a black kid gets killed that southern police, in particular, become STUPID?
If you’ve had a chance to look at the photos of the death scene you would have to be an IDIOT not to see that the teenager was murdered!
For the police department and the coroner’s office to try and give the parents and the public the kind of b.s. that they have espoused is, at the very least, unconscionable and at the farthest, bungling, inept, incompetent, and worthless. Anybody connected with the investigation in that sheriff’s department should be fired, as should, the head of the department.
And, what the hell happened to the boy’s organs? It is clear they were harvested or destroyed to inhibit the investigation. If the coroner or the mortician had anything to do with this part of the crime(s), they should go to jail!
Let’s hope the FBI gets involved…The caring public awaits, as do the parents, a full thorough, honest and revealing investigation that will bring to justice, those responsible for this murder.
A little comment about that is not political, but dearly important to your health: Diabetes
I ask all of you to go to your doctor or health care provider and get the tested.
Diabetes is an autoimmune disease related to poor control of the body’s blood sugar levels. When you eat, food is processed into sugars that provide energy for our bodies. With the help of the hormone insulin, these sugars are absorbed by the body’s cells. Diabetes occurs when the blood sugar level is too high and your body does not or cannot produce enough insulin to combat the amount of sugar produced; sugar that will damage all of your organs if not kept in check and balanced with your body’s needs. The liver and other organs will store an emergency amount of sugar but it can be overwhelmed by too much sugar and therefore sugar is left in your bloodstream to do damage to your body.

The black community is three times as likely as other people to get it, and almost 40 percent, do not realize they are affected by this debilitating disease. This disease will negatively affect your body’s immune system, cause strokes and heart problems, affect one’s eyes (glaucoma and blindness), hearing, taste and feel, your nervous system along with brain damage, muscle pain, digestion and kidney malfunctions and end up with a mysterious nerve pain, called neuropathy.
I have diabetes. I am coping…. I did not know the warning signs….I got exercise but I overdid the other things; now I know, too late but I’m battling……with the help of some very good, dedicated doctors, and experimental drugs, I am doing well and the future is bright.
But if you are thirsty a lot, use the rest room a lot, feel sleepy all the time, do not exercise often, gain weight, eat fatty ethnic foods all the time, love pies and cakes, and sugary soft drinks, beware…go get tested and avoid the grief. Be well.

More to vome; every day, I hope


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