More, More Syria 09/08/2013

More, More Syria 09/08/2013

More. ,Moreon  Syria

As I said, our President has placed himself on a very weak branch of a very tall tree and he’s been left to hang by his usual dependable left and by the republicans (some hawks and used to be hawks), Some, from both sides, say it is not America’s business, no threat to our security and we can’t jump in the middle of every conflict around the world. Even our most dependable allies have cowered the daunting task to punish Assad (Syria) for using chemical and gas weapons against his opposition.

I’ve already expressed my view that, for no other reason other than, we have assumed the role of the world’s “cop on the beat”.

I did a little research about our (and our allies) resistance to act (taking military action) to punish Assad for killing over 1400 people using outlawed chemical weapons.

Since World War I, America has stepped up to the plate and gone to war in World War II against Germany while not having actually being attacked, but because our allies were in danger. Then we were in Korea, Viet Nam, Kosovo/ Bosnia, Iraq, (twice) and Afghanistan, to name a few.

We suffered over 291,000 deaths in WWII, over 34,000 in Korea, over47.000 in Viet Nam, and so far over 5,400 in Iraq/ Afghanistan. All, for the most part acting as the “cop on the beat” around the world.

Now, understand I am NOT a hawk looking for war. I say the foregoing only to illustrate what America’s role has been historically. And no I’m not going to war, (too old), never served, (lucky, I guess). But I do think we, Americans should do what no one else will/ can’t do , that is, stop tyranny around the world.

We, like always, have the troops, the weaponry, the logistics and the ability to stomp out recognizable threats to our way of life, and others.

If we are not going to fulfill the role, why do we maintain the Army, Navy, Marine Corp, and Air Force? I hope not to just look good in a uniform.

If the World looks at the President of the United States as the “world’s leader”, then he should have acted that way, bombed Assad, then told the World why he did it’ protecting our allies, Israel. Jordan, and Saudi Arabia, the Suez Canal, etc.

So Tuesday, having put himself in this box, he address the World, not just America. Take the benevolent approach. “We need to do this to save the World; you may think you’re not in danger, but you are. You could be those Syrians.”

Let’s see what he has to say and what the reaction is. Meanwhile, I’m looking for your feedback.

Enough said……….





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