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Yesterday, I wrote a blog about our President’s actions and his decision to punish Syria (Assad) for using chemical weapons (gas) against the opposition forces and killing close to 1500 men, women and children, not involved in the conflict. It also seems that the overwhelming majority of nations in the World are going to stand on the sidelines and sit out the proposed military (re)action by the United States (Obama). Here at home, there is a big debate in Congress on whether to support the President on his proposed retaliation on Syria and it seems that both political parties are split on whether to support this military action.

I don’t know how much time you are spending thinking about Syria, after all, that war is way over there in Asia, between a bunch of unfamiliar people who have wanted to kill each other for centuries over something that happened centuries ago or whether their version of the same religion is valid.

I said I thought Prez put himself between a rock and a hard place, so to speak, by waffling on when and how to strike, and looking for ”approval” from first the UN, then NATO and the American people.

But my take is we Americans have lost our will to be the baddest, the biggest, the most feared nation on the face of the Earth, because with all the people around the world whose goal in life is to create unrest and chaos, there needs to be some entity to act as the “policeman” and control the utter nonsense. Why do you ask; because no other nation will do it, it’s that plain to see. So we, America have been “anointed” “Policeman of the World”!!

But reluctantly, we shirk at the responsibility, we are hesitant about “laying down the law” andkeeping the bad guys in line; we no longer want to see the body bags of our fallen military come home, even for a righteous cause; (neither do the other nations or they’d stand up and be the “auxiliary” police!)

So now, Obama, because he hesitated, then badly misconstrued the resolve of the other countries, as well as our own country, has placed himself in the position of begging for an ally, any ally. On Tuesday he will attempt to garner support from America for his plan to chastise Assad. I think he should take his case to the WORLD, after all that’s who he is attempting to protect. Prez, talk to the World, to Asia, Africa, to Europe, to South America, and to us. Do not localize your argument. Talk like a world leader, the world’s leader! And for us, listen to his reasoning. I am not a hawk, but I do believe in peace and order; and if nobody steps up, then, If I am the biggest and baddest, I would. If I do not, then, I am a wimp, just like everybody else and just like the dope dealer will take over a neighborhood if you let him, so will the evildoer.

I’d really like your take on the situation… the news programs have all the “experts” but I want to hear from you.

Enough said……..


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