Syria and the Prez (No not again!!)

Syria and the Prez (No not again!!)

Boy, does my man, Barack have a world-wide problem with Syria. The feedback I get is that 60% of Americans are against getting involved in what they perceive to be of no interest to them. “It’s their war; all that shooting and killing that don’t involve us; they been fighting each other for centuries!”

I wonder how many black folks they asked……

I’ve tried to keep an even keel on this… I support the President all the time but I do at times, question his thinking (or the thinking of his advisors). Sometimes, I see his thinking occasionally as too narrow and with his eloquence as a speaker, he has a hard time explaining his positions and conclusion on the problems he faces.

Specific to Syria, though, it seems that no nation (or the people therein) is willing to step up to the bully (Assad) who the evidence presented shows, has gassed innocent civilians or his opposition; they’re standing behind the big ol’ bad America, pushing America forward, saying “You spank him for being bad. You chastise him! Oh, I know we have some guns and missiles and tanks, but he might slap us back, maybe he won’t slap you, ’cause you Biiiiiiiigg!!! Nooooo, we ain’t going to the showdown either, you bad enough!!!”

By the way we have enough of that type of “timidism”, reticent and hesitancy here at home. “Another Iraq?; suppose he does it again; suppose he gets even by going after Saudi Arabia or Jordan? We will be at “real war!!”  Not even NATO or  the United Nations, all 192 countries (less the one who we know, would not ever back us on anything) has enough fortitude (I was thinking of another five letter word starting with the “b”, to stand with America as our President when he decides to “teach the bully a lesson.”  At this moment it’s a tossup whether the American people will stand behind him. I’m thinking if it was bush and his lies, they’d be hoopin’ and hollerin’, “Bomb they asses!

But Mr. Obama is now out on a limb, very much embarrassed and scrambling for someone to go with him to the fight he believes he needs to wage to make the world safer.

He’s overseas in Sweden somewhere claiming that he didn’t set the “red line”, the world did in 1925. He has to know that that statement would be seen as a “copout.” Gee, Prez!

Hindsight is always 20-20. But here goes….

I’d ask Saudia Arabia, Jordan and maybe Spain, France and Germany (you can select the nation, yourself) to ask Assad to meet within the next seven days in say, Malta (a renowned neutral location in the Mediterranean Sea) and ask Assad to let the UN come into his country and take away all of his chemical and biological weapons, so that they could not be ever used again. If he refuses, they, the UN and NATO and all other countries have no choice but to, at the very least, say by his refusal, he’s indicated that he will use his arsenal again. Even Congress would have more of an inclination to back the President; and the world would have less reluctance to jump into the fray.

We, at this moment, are really, the only (involuntarily) policemen on the beat. We have to realize this. It’s like a cop walking his beat, looking the other way while people are assaulted. Others may yell, “Don’t beat that guy!!” but they’re not coming out of their houses to stop it; they’ll yell, “Someone call 911!!” but they ain’t gonna jump in. (Think “High Noon”)

Our moral fiber, our righteous Americanism says we have to do the job; therefore, I say, in due course, we have to do the job, we must be the watchdog, ‘cause nobody else will.


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