More Zimmerman trial


A person cannot take a gun to a avoidable confrontation, start a fight and when getting you ass whupped (questionable,when you weight 50  pounds more than your adversary? and end up with two tiny scratches and a nose bleed) then pull the weapon in self defense!

How / why did the prosecutors allow an all white jury? I’m puzzled with that one too.



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2 Responses to More Zimmerman trial

  1. Zeudo Nemm says:

    Trayvon weighed 160 pounds, but that was post death, after losing half of his blood. So let’s say he was about 165. Zimmerman was weighed in back then at 185 pounds. So there is 20 pounds difference. But Trayvon had a height advantage that would benefit. He also played years of football where he had to be quick on his feet, able to think while running and ability to tackle his opponents. He also was in many fights that gave him an advantage.

    You can see from the photos of Zimmerman’s head that the stracthes are on top of welts. Suggesting it happened from his head being pounded into the cement or his head being on the cement while being punched, and having his head bounce back into the cement with each blow. That nose was broken for sure.

    While Zimmerman was allowed a jury of his peers, white females are not his peers. An all White female jury was actually better for the prosecution. White females tend to have a lot of white guilt brainwashed into them by the media. They don’t like being called bigots. They even go out of their way to date Black guys just so nobody will call them one. Zimmerman was lucky they put that instinct away and just judged base on the evidence.

  2. lwk2431 says:

    “A person cannot take a gun to a avoidable confrontation …”

    Based on the evidence I don’t think Zimmerman intended a confrontation. A lot of things appear “avoidable” in hindsight.

    “start a fight”

    I think that there is plenty of reasonable doubt that Zimmerman started the fight. Although not heard by the jury, there was plenty of evidence on Martin’s phone that he was regularly engaged in Mixed Martial Arts fighting, and that he liked beating up people and bragged about it. There was also evidence that Martin was getting into criminal activity like burglary. He was caught with burglary tools in school, and a burglary tool was found in the bushes right next to where he died. Zimmerman may have been exactly correct in identifying Martin’s activities as suspicious.

    “when you weight 50 pounds more than your adversary”

    50 pounds of largely fat and unfit hispanic which the media labeled “white hispanic.” You could as easily (and maybe accurately) label Obama as a “white black.” Again, Martin looks to have been young and fit, and fighting on a regular basis.

    ” and end up with two tiny scratches and a nose bleed”

    Broken nose, not just nose bleed. I saw pictures. At that point he had sufficient reason to believe Martin might seriously hurt him or kill him. He was screaming for help (an eyewitness testified to that).

    “…then pull the weapon in self defense!”

    Yes, you can, and rightfully so. It has nothing to do with race except that Zimmerman was “profiled” by the media as “white on black” violence and since today that is so very rare, they really liked it as it fit their narrative.

    From what I have read it looks like Martin was definitely headed towards a life of violence, crime, and drug use (and yes, the autopsy confirmed that last). That is unfortunate. The answer is not to crucify Zimmerman. I don’t claim to be an expert on the answer, but a black culture that teaches thousands and thousands of young black men to be like Martin certainly seems to be a pertinent factor.


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