Biased, Part Two

After listening to juror B37, it’s clear to any sane person the she was biased and not able to logically follow the testimony and understand that you cannot absolve GZ of the responsibility of his his actions and place the the onus on Trayvon to accept that a unknown person was tracking him. GZ had many opportunities to deescalate the situation and was negligent in not doing so. 

B37 wants the public to believe that two minute scratches were tantamount to losing one’s life.

A kid who falls off a bike would have more to show than GZ, the bias is that she believed otherwise. And she has no  concept of a confrontation (brought on by GZ). in a fight/brawl the combatants are going to flip-flop so to look at one frame in a movie and conclude that what you have seen is the total picture is ridiculous. Again I say, it is ridiculous to think that the person with the gun is going to yell for help; in fact it’s stupid. GZ had the gun, he had his help! He outweighed TM by 50 pounds and he was not FLACCID!  and if he wasn’t winning the fight he started, he could have yelled, I’m Security or I’m Neighborhood Watch!

B37 never considered anything but that GZ was not guilty and bolstered that idea with purposefully ignoring the facts and testimony to the wanting to justify her idea with false and inaccurate notions and assumptions.why would you believe GZ was where he was when the encounter began? I say it began 60 feet away with GZ having gun in hand. Plus how did they get from the walkway to the grass?

The jurors never looked at the situation from TM’s perspective despite Rachel’s testimony.

B37, you were totally biased…. and the others were  wrong to be lead away from the truth.


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