Biased from the start? An ultimate travesty of justice?

Biased from the start? An ultimate travesty of justice?

I think so. Considering the number of MAJOR lies GZ  told and the actions he took to get to the point of engagement with Trayvon Martin, were so incriminating, only a biased person would ignore them.

I, for one, do not believe that any of those women listened to any witness for the prosecution.

It, in their minds there was a foregone conclusion that Trayvon was not like their children; in danger by just walking down the street.

The jury, hidden from us, can slink back into their lives and their skullduggery will never see the light of day. They should face scrutiny. I’m not asking that they listen to the passionned plea from John Guy. I only asked for fairness, and like in most cases, it was lacking.

There is such a long list of injustices to black and minority people, there is not enough paper to enumerate them.

Let me also address the pack of lies told by the people who now harbor a murderer. From Mr. Good, to the gym owner, Pollock,  to volunteering gun expert, to the pathologist who said Trayvon could get up from being shot in the heart and spread-eagled, walk around for  fifteen seconds, clutch his chest and fall face forward,  it is unbelievable lying. The truth will come out.


I also watched the “interview” of the juror who had some courage to speak out. She demonstrated that she was not equipped to be a juror. When the jurors had a question they evidently could phrase a specific question to the judge, C’mon!!!!

Now the juror reveals that they considered the ANIMATION TAPE according to Zimmerman account and ignored the testimony of ALL the prosecution witnesses!! The animation tape was not, not, not evidence!!! It was used in the summation, why was it given to them to review?

She talked about what Zimmerman did all the things he did to get to the point of confrontation and ignored them all  these acts constitute negligence. The law say any one act that contributes to the death……one is guilty of manslaughter.

Juror stupidity let a murdered walk!  She should apologize for her ignorance, and incompetence and stop crying over her BIASED view of the facts, as should the rest of the jurors? !!!!


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